Free Advice Clinic for Fleet Operators at Company Car in Action

    • Problem-solving ‘clinic’ for fleet operators
    • Free, confidential and expert advice from ACFO
    • Held at the premier driving event for fleet operators

    Fleet News has teamed up with the leading fleet association ACFO to provide a free advice clinic for visitors to the UK’s premier driving event.

    Fleet News

    Company Car in Action, held at Millbrook Proving Ground, Bedfordshire, will give visitors the opportunity to seek help from directors of ACFO for any problems they have encountered while running their car and van fleets.

    ACFO chairman Julie Jenner said: “Running a vehicle fleet is no easy task when you consider the range of issues that fleet operators must take into account.

    “These include funding, managing fuel costs, taxation and vehicle choice lists while at the same time keeping employees safe on the road and ensuring vehicles are fit for purpose.

    “Our experts have vast experience in fleet management and will most likely have dealt with similar situations many times during their careers.

    “This is a unique opportunity for anyone with responsibility for an organisation’s cars and vans to seek free advice on how to tackle any issues or difficulties they might have encountered as part of their job, at an event that also gives them access to a vast range of vehicles to test drive.”

    Registration is now open for the two-day event at Millbrook Proving Ground, on June 26-27, where attendees will be able to sample vehicles on a variety of circuits to allow them to discover how vehicles perform in a range of environments.

    The event allows fleet decision makers to put the latest models through their paces on test circuits specifically designed for the role and that are normally closed to the public, compare a wide range of models back-to-back and discuss their views with experts from each manufacturer back at their stand.

    It also enables attendees to gather a wealth of product knowledge through test drives so and make meaningful comparisons and choice list decisions.

    Manufacturers already signed up to the event include Toyota and Lexus, Vauxhall, Seat, Citroen, Honda and Peugeot, with more expected to be confirmed shortly.