Franz Kafka – The Knock Knock Google Doodle


Who’s there? Franz, Franz Who? Franz Kafka… I could not resist the Knock, Knock joke about the Franz Kafka Google Doodle that is on almost all international Google Search Engine Homepages today. If you do not know much about Franz Kafka you would have likely asked “Who’s Franz Kafka, and why is he on the Google Homepage Today”.

Franz Kafka

From the research we have done about Franz Kafka he seems to be a very interesting character, who almost never completed any novels, in fact according to Wikipedia and other resources he burned most of his work before it could ever be published. Some call him a failure, a pessimist and perfectionist while others think that he was one of the most influential writers when it comes to horror writing, and may even be the father of the Aliens concept.

The Prague native and tormented soul has since been hailed as one of the greatest literary giants, especially for his contributions to existentialism.

While his body of work, also including The Trial and The Castle, doesn’t make cozy bedtime reading with evidence of aliens and grotesqueness, it’s contributed to the timeless collection of literature that forces us to question the human condition. “One of the first signs of the beginning of understanding is the wish to die,” by Franz Kafka.

Franz Kafka Google Doodle

The sepia Google Doodle looks grim and gothic to start, in the doodle there is a bug which looks like he is returning from work, entering the search results, or perhaps a sales person. The last is true, in one of Franz Kafka’s books he writes about a sales person turning into a bug, monster. In the doodle just above the “l” there is an apple. This was part of the original story of the Sales Man’s father who through apples at him, when his son turned into a bug.

The Google Doodle have undertones of Gothic, and the way the Googler portrays the artist and story writers work is simply brilliant if you have a deep understanding of who Franz Kafka were and the tone of his writing.