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What is today’s Google Doodle about?

Frank Zamboni Inventions

Frank Zamboli invented the “Ice Rink Re-surfacer”

Today if you visit the Google homepage you will be greeted by a Google Ice Rink game on the Google homepage. At first I was looking for clues to see if I can see what the Ice Rink Google Doodle was about but there was not any obvious clues about the Google Doodle.

I Then decided to play the Google Doodle Ice Rink Game to see if I can find out what the Google Doodle was about, but actually did not like the game that much, ice skaters comes onto the Ice Rink and then I had to clean the ice rink, once I cleaned it, the ice skaters came out again and made the ice rink dirty and I had to go back, and scrape the ice rink clear again.

It was only when I got bored of the game, and aimlessly drove around the ice-rink to get my ice scraper fuel tank empty that I discovered what today’s January 16, 2013 Google Doodle was about.

Today’s Google Ice Rink Game is about Frank Zamboni

 Frank Zamboni Google Doodle

Frank Zamboni was apparently a US inventor who have invented the modern Ice Resurface Machine, it was only then that I understood “What the Google Doodle was all about”.  It would have been better if Google have provided a obvious link to the information about the Google Doodle, instead I had to play the game and waist valuable time to discover that the Google Doodle was about Frank Zamboni.

Google Doodle

About Joseph Frank Zamboni

In order to find out more about Frank Zamboni and today’s Google Doodle I visited the Wikipedia pages. Here is a description about Frank Zamboni taken from Wikipedia

Frank Zamboni was born in 1901 in Eureka, Utah to Italian immigrants. His parents soon bought a farm in Lava Hot Springs near Pocatello, Idaho, where he grew up. In 1920, he moved with his parents to the harbor district of Los Angeles, where his older brother George was operating an auto repair shop. After Frank Zamboni attended a trade school in Chicago, he and his younger brother Lawrence opened an electrical supply business in 1922 in the Los Angeles suburb of Hynes (now part of Paramount).

The following year, he married and eventually had three children. In 1927, he and Lawrence added an ice-making plant and entered the block ice business. They continued their ice business in 1939 but saw little future in that business with the advent of electrically operated refrigeration units. They decided to use their excess refrigeration equipment to open an ice rink nearby. In 1940, the brothers, along with a cousin, opened the Iceland rink, which proved very popular, in no small part because Frank had devised a way to eliminate rippling caused by the pipes that were laid down to keep the rink frozen. (The rink still operates and is still owned by the Zamboni family.)

He obtained a patent for that innovation in 1946. Then, in 1949, he invented a machine that transformed the job of resurfacing an ice rink from a three-man, 90-minute task to a one-man, 10-minute job. He applied for a patent that same year and set up Frank J. Zamboni & Co. in Paramount to build and sell the machines. He obtained his patent in 1953. In the early-1950s he built them on top of Jeep CJ-3Bs, then on stripped Jeep chassis from 1956 through 1964.[1] Demand for the machine proved

How to play the Google Doodle Ice Rink Game

Frank Zamboni

Frank Zamboni – Google Doodle Ice Rink Game

To play the Google Ice Rink game you have to click on the play button in the middel of the Google Doodle, the game will start and some skaters will come out and skate on the ice-ring, once they have messed up the ice, you have to come out with your ice scraper and scrape the ice. You use your left and right mouse buttons to move the Fank Zamboni Invention accross the ring, You have to watch your fuel, otherwise the game will end.