HPI helps dealers protect their customers and their business with vital mileage investigations

    Following the arrest of four brothers, jailed for reducing mileage readings on over 40 cars, HPI is urging dealers to protect themselves from the constant threat of “clocking”. Dealers need to do everything they can to avoid the real risk of unwittingly part exchanging a clocked car, warns HPI.  By conducting a National Mileage Register (NMR) investigation on all used cars, dealers will meet Office of Fair Trading (OFT) guidelines, helping consumers shop with confidence whilst securing the quality of their stock.

    The recent news report reveals that the brothers were caught selling cars that had had their mileage readings reduced. In one case, a car had over 200,000 miles taken off the clock. 6 out of every 100 vehicles checked by HPI show a mileage discrepancy, confirming that clocking remains a threat to dealers and consumers alike.  By conducting a NMR investigation dealers will not only avoid falling foul of fraudsters, but should the need arise, have the evidence needed to demonstrate to a court of law that they have done everything in their power to validate a car’s mileage, and they have met all due diligence, before selling on the vehicle.

    “OFT guidelines clearly state that mileage disclaimers are not enough to meet due diligence and asks dealers to prove that they have done everything in their power to validate a car’s mileage,” explains Daniel Burgess, Managing Director of HPI. “Dealers need to protect their reputation and HPI can help them do just that.  What’s more, the mileage certificate itself provides a valuable sales tool to reassure customers. With more than 130 million mileage records, HPI’s National Mileage Register provides dealers with the protection they need for their business and their customers.

    “Fraudsters, such as the four brothers, know that low mileage, newer vehicles command the highest prices, so dealers should conduct both mileage checks and investigations as standard best practice.”

    With access to more vehicle information than any other service provider, HPI also confirms the vehicle description, whether it is currently recorded as stolen, been written-off by an insurance company or is subject to outstanding finance, providing peace of mind to consumers and protecting dealers.