Bob Graziano, President and CEO of Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa, has been selected to receive a 2006 Global Diversity and Worklife Summit Award at Ford Motor Company’s worldwide headquarters in Michigan, USA.

Mr. Graziano was honoured at the 2006 Global Diversity and Worklife Summit: Corporate Honoree Recognition Ceremony held on Tuesday, September 12, 2006. He was nominated in the “Leading the Way” category where he has been recognized for his leadership in FMCSA’s HIV / AIDS programme.

FMCSA HIV / AIDS programme has put strong emphasis and focus on creating awareness amongst employees and cultivating a culture of knowing one’s HIV status. FMCSA’s aim is to get 100% of the workforce tested by the end of 2006 and every year thereafter. To date 65% of FMCSA employees know their HIV status.

Mr. Graziano was selected for this honour following a rigorous process. Each participating organization solicited nominations from employees and sent the top 3 nominations to the Corporate Honoree Selection Committee for consideration.

Nominees were selected because their organizations believed they contributed to the overall success of Ford Motor Company in its drive to build a diverse and inclusive culture that drives business results. The Corporate Selection Committee reviewed 57 nominations and chose 26 individuals and teams to receive the corporate awards.

The awards are being presented in five categories to align with the Company’s Diversity Strategic Areas of Focus. The five categories are as follows: Leading the Way; Valuing a Diverse Workforce; Building a Respectful and Inclusive Environment; Valuing Worklife Integration; Developing External Partnerships.