Ford’s Innovative MyKey System Gives Parents Peace of Mind

  • MyKey technology enables parents to place certain restrictions on young drivers to promote safer driving
  • Ford survey of the parents of young drivers reveals almost half say top concern is speeding; and more than half would be more likely to allow a teenager to drive if the vehicle were equipped with MyKey**

Ford Mykey

PRETORIA, South Africa, 21 February 2012 –The new Ford Fiesta debuts Ford’s innovative MyKey technology in South Africa. The smart technology enables parents to place restrictions on younger drivers in order to promote safety.

Ford-exclusive MyKey technology enables owners to program a key – usually for younger drivers – that restricts the top speed of the Fiesta, reduces the maximum volume of audio system, and even disables the audio system altogether if driver and passengers are not using safety belts. It can also prevent the driver from deactivating safety technologies such as ESP (Electronic Stability Programme), which can help mitigate or prevent collisions.

“Parents will love MyKey,” says Ford Marketing Manager, Gavin Golightly. “It’s a tool that will allow them to reduce their children’s’ exposure to risk at the wheel. Conversely young drivers may initially be sceptical but when they learn that it may ultimately improve the chances of their parents allowing them to drive in the first place, they too are likely to see the benefits.”

A survey conducted in Europe has revealed that drivers under the age of 25 are up to twice as likely to be involved in a fatal accident*; while a Ford-commissioned survey of the parents of drivers under the age of 20 revealed 46 per cent say their number one concern is that their children are speeding**.

The MyKey system forms part of the new Fiesta’s safety and driver assistance package that also includes Ford’s Intelligent Protection System with seven airbags.

MyKey works by recognising different keys for the same car and then adjusting the vehicle settings according to the owner’s requirements. It also enables owners to programme chimes to sound at set points between 70-140 km/h, prevents seatbelt reminders from being disabled and delivers an earlier low-fuel warning.

The survey of more than 6,000 parents of young drivers across Europe found 53 per cent of parents would be more likely to allow a teenage son or daughter to drive their car if it was equipped with MyKey technology.

The new Fiesta offers a host of advanced technologies including Ford’s voice-activated in-car connectivity system SYNC™. It is also equipped with the acclaimed 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine offering the kind of fuel economy normally associated with small-engined vehicles while simultaneously delivering the performance of a larger displacement engine.