SAFETY – KEEPING YOU SAFE WHILE YOU’RE HAVING FUN The FordKa belies its small car stature when it comes to occupant protection. FordKa is fitted with a comprehensive passive and active safety package, which is complimented by a variety of indispensable security features.

The body structure developed for the FordKa provides an integrated body design that distributes crash forces evenly to provide high levels of impact protection. The front structure has been specifically optimised for energy absorption, utilising wide-spaced longitudinal side members that also support the engine mounting system.

High strength door beams and a cross-car beam behind the instrument panel contribute to the crash performance. FordKa uses Fiesta-type suspension with MacPherson struts at the front and a twist beam rear axle.

The installation provides extremely precise levels of wheel geometry control, responsive steering and a greatly refined ride for a model in this small car class. Design of the front struts and springs has also been extensively optimised for the FordKa installation, to reduce shock absorber friction, which improves ride and steering feel.

A small degree of negative offset stabilises braking under difficult road conditions. All models are fitted with a front anti-roll bar and the twist beam rear axle, which has special toe-correcting bushes to improve tyre grip and steering response. In the event of an accident the Intelligent Protection System (IPS) will kick in to action.

The system features sensors that assess the severity of an impact and activate the appropriate safety system in milliseconds. Such features include a fuel cut-off switch that will cut fuel supply if the engine is still running. This will minimise fuel leakage, should the fuel lines be ruptured in a collision, thus reducing the risk of fire.

The FordKa features 14” 6×2 spoke alloy wheels and a 13″ spare wheel. Anti-lock brakes are standard with ventilated front disc brakes 240mm in diameter. At the rear, 180mm drums and 30mm-wide brake shoes provide the stopping power. The ABS system prevents the wheels from locking, allowing the driver to retain steering control.

A variety of other features contribute to the overall safety of the vehicle. The FordKa boasts halogen front headlights, side lights and rear fog lights in addition to a highly visible reverse light and a high mounted rear brake light.

A driver’s airbag is another valuable safety addition. Various instrument panel display lights add further peace of mind for the driver in the event of a malfunction. Should something be amiss a warning light will indicate to the driver that further inspection is required. Warning lights are in place for oil pressure, engine temperature, engine emission system malfunction, ignition/alternator, low fuel, low brake fluid, brake failure or handbrake engaged, airbag and anti-lock brakes-thus allowing the driver to address the problem before any incident or injury occurs.

Good ergonomics mean that all dials fall easily to hand and the driver spends more time with hands on the wheel than looking for controls and dials. Good all round visibility is another contributing factor to safety in the hustle and bustle of city driving.

Thanks to 2-speed intermittent wipers in the front you can expect good clarity in adverse weather conditions, while a rear tailgate wiper with a heated rear window further enhance ones overall vision. Owners can also look forward to high security door and tailgate locks and a passively-activated engine immobiliser known as the Passive Anti-Theft System or PATS.

A visible Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plate is also in place, as is a locking fuel cap, locking wheel nuts and steering column lock. In addition, a lights-on warning chime will ensure you don’t accidentally end up having to attend to a flat battery.

Another comforting thought for those not wanting to be stranded alone without aid is that the FordKa comes with a 3 year unlimited km Roadside Assistance package courtesy of Ford Protect. For women traveling alone this is an especially attractive feature. Help will always be at hand with the Stand by you security protection service!