Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa together with the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) are making South African cities safer by putting more patrol vehicles on the roads.

Due to the remarkable performance received from the previous Ford Focus, the JMPD recently took delivery of 54 new Ford Focus 1.6 5-door hatches.

The vehicles have been leased through FleetAfrica, who is the Fleet Outsource Service Provider for the fleet requirements of the City of Johannesburg. FleetAfrica is extremely impressed with the operating costs of the Ford Focus.

The Focus units will be used on a 24-hour basis, for visible urban policing. Each vehicle is allocated to a specific area within Johannesburg and is identified by its specific police markings.

“On introduction of the new Focus, we branded one vehicle and requested JMPD to evaluate the vehicle. The response from the officers who evaluated the vehicle was most favourable,” explained Roland Reid, Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa. “They were most impressed by the vehicles superior handling, comfort and safety features.”

“Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa is proud to have a long standing association with the Johannesburg Metro Police Department and we are proud that they have once again chosen our vehicles to aid in the fight for safer roads.

“With the hand-over we wish to thank, firstly JMPD – for considering the Ford Focus for use in their fleet and Fleet Africa, who are the owners of the vehicles,” concluded Reid.