NOVEMBER 2011 NAAMSA RETAIL SALES Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa’s response

PRETORIA, South Africa, 02 December, 2011 – Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA) enjoyed a good year in 2011, growing market share and increasing sales. Driven by new market introductions, the line-up has remained one of the freshest on offer in the SA market, while investment in infrastructure, development and job creation has created a sound foundation for further growth from 2012.

FMCSA also managed to grow passenger car sales during November in a market that continues to show signs of sustainable growth. New vehicle sales increased 11,7% to 49 499 units in November against the same month last year. Year-to-date, the market has grown 16% according to the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of SA (Naamsa).

The Johannesburg International Motor Show (JIMS) showcased our full range as well as the hard work and investment that has gone into FMCSA this year. FMCSA boasted several vehicle launches with the likes of the new look Focus launched earlier this year, the Ford Kuga which was introduced to dealers this month already and the All-New Ranger launch which will continue into the new year as it hits dealerships country-wide.

Amidst the launches, economic turns and the supply disruptions caused by flooding FMCSA still managed to capitalise on the market growth enjoyed by the domestic motor industry this year. Pride of place was taken by FMCSA’s All-New Ford Ranger, SA providing the back-drop for the international media launch of the important manufacturing and export programme for the company.

Ford Bantam, the longest-running name brand manufactured in SA, made way for the All-New Ranger on the Silverton Plant production lines. The best-laid plans of FMCSA’s world-class assembly facility could do little in the face of limited parts supply: supply of the All-New Ranger was forcibly delayed.

“FMCSA results showed resilience and our planning has weathered all. Our systems and processes have stood up to the test, our team has toiled to our benefit, and our sales have remained strong as a result,” said FMCSA’s Vice President Marketing, Sales and Service, Dean Stoneley.

Ford introduced the exciting new Kuga during November, a product expected to do well for the company next year. “Kuga addresses the growing demand for a small cross-over vehicle and we are confident in the models success next year,” said Stoneley. Meanwhile, Figo, Fiesta and Focus continued to perform well. “Figo continues its strong Top 10 passenger car performance, while the majority of sales continue to be through our dealer network, reinforcing proper consumer demand for our cars.”

Bantam enjoyed continued demand, every one of its 760 sales done through dealers, as were the 176 Mazda2 sales.

“The market will have shown resilient recovery during 2011 and be well-placed for continued growth during 2012,” concluded Stoneley.


Model Volume
1 VW Polo Vivo 1 757
2 TOYOTA Corolla 1 623
3 VW Polo 1 577
4 TOYOTA Fortuner 1 222
5 Chev Aveo 992
6 FORD Figo 965
7 BMW 3-Series  & Mercedes C-Class 825
8 TOYOTA Yaris 789
9 Nissan Micra 658
10 Nissan Juke 526


Model  Volume
1 Toyota Hilux 4 335
2 CHEV Corsa Utility 1 528
3 Toyota Quantam 1 210
4 ISUZU KB 1 099
5 NISSAN NP200 1 096
6 NISSAN NP300 Hardbody 814
7 FORD Bantam 760
8 VW Amarok 555
9 FORD Ranger 372
10 Mazda BT-50 352