12 December 2008 – Ford has expanded the Ford Ranger line-up with the introduction of an automatic transmission to the 3.0TDCi Double Cab XLE 4×2 and 4×4. The 3.0-litre turbo diesel model produces 115kW at 3 200rpm and has a torque peak of 380Nm at 1 800rpm.

The Ford Ranger offers a no-nonsense approach to getting the job done. It’s a rugged workhorse at heart but with all the modern conveniences and practicalities associated with passenger cars.

The electronically controlled 5-speed automatic transmission has closely spaced ratios that keep the engine in its power band to produce better acceleration under full throttle. Its wide overall ratio provides a unique combination of impressive off-the-line performance and remarkably efficient highway fuel economy.

A powerful 32-bit Powertrain Control Module (PCM) delivers benefits in the transmission, as well as the engine, by precisely controlling shift duration and shift timing. Throttle position, engine speed, load, environmental factors and other parameters guide the transmission shift schedule.

An electronic interface complements the added capability of the PCM, allowing it high-speed communication with the automatic transmission, and giving powertrain engineers the ability to match transmission controls with other sophisticated features such as variable cam timing and electronic throttle control. As a result, the entire powertrain works together to deliver smooth performance.

The Ranger 3.0-litre’s impressive power and performance are achieved by the fuel being injected directly into the combustion chamber multiple times per cycle under extremely high pressure (1600 bar) from a common-rail pump. The technology ensures the best possible mixture of fuel and air in the cylinders, resulting in efficient combustion for high torque and excellent fuel economy while also reducing engine noise and vibration.

Combined with a variable geometry turbocharger that reduces turbo lag, the system increases power and torque across the driving range, ideal for powerful acceleration, carting heavy loads and negotiating treacherous off-road conditions.

The Ranger 3.0-litre XLE automatic is available in both 4×2 and 4×4 guise and comes well equipped with a variety of comfort and convenience features. The Ranger also offers a comprehensive safety package including ABS brakes, single-stage driver and passenger front airbags and driver and front passenger side airbags.

“The Ford Ranger line-up is very comprehensive and with the introduction of the new automatic offerings there really is something for everyone in our line-up,” explains Ben Pillay, Ford Marketing Manager.

Service intervals on all models are every 10 000kms, with a 5 year / 90 000km Service Plan standard across the range. Customers will also benefit from 3 years of Roadside Assistance as part of the Ford Ranger package. A 4yr / 120 000km comprehensive warranty is standard, as is a 5 year corrosion warranty.