Ford Flex and N.Y. Times Bestselling Author Christian Lander Present Suburban Dictionary; Facebook Fans Create Terms

  • Teaming with Christian Lander, author and founder of the popular blog and New York Times bestselling book “Stuff White People Like,” the Ford Flex Facebook page presents Suburban Dictionary
  • Self-described suburbs expert Lander will post new entries to the Suburban Dictionary each week
  • Beginning March 7, more than 44,000 fans of Flex on Facebook will have a chance to submit their own entries into the Suburban Dictionary and interact with other Flex owners and enthusiasts on the Flex Facebook Page.

Ford Flex

DEARBORN, Mich., March 12, 2012 – Attention all Ford Flex fans: Christian Lander, author of the New York Times bestseller “Stuff White People Like,” is joining the conversation on the Ford Flex Facebook page.
Lander is known for his unique way of expressing things, much like Flex customers express their own personalities by driving a one-of-a-kind seven-passenger crossover vehicle…with a fridge.
Lander, who describes himself as a “suburbs expert,” presents the Suburban Dictionary, an online glossary of terms related to suburban life. The engaged and dedicated Flex Facebook community members are encouraged to come up with their own entries to the Suburban Dictionary and post them on the Flex fan page.
Since January, the Flex page has more than doubled. Now more than 44,000 people interact in this unique vehicle’s social space.
A few of Lander’s first entries include:
  • Healthy math: Rewarding yourself with a 500-calorie snack after eating healthy for an entire 24-hour period
  • Hip hop age check: The moment when you realize the sample being used but not the rapper. This is R&B’s way of saying it’s time to change the station
  • Fitness museum: Alternate name for a garage filled with exercise equipment purchased during the resolution phase of January or after frequent viewings of late-night TV
“Christian Lander’s Suburban Dictionary builds a distinct lexicon for parents living in the suburbs, much like the Ford Flex offers a technology-loaded crossover with a look unlike any other vehicle on the road,” said Eric Peterson, Ford’s marketing manager for crossover vehicles. “The Suburban Dictionary will allow them to share their experiences with Flex in a unique way.”
Lander says this distinctness should be expressed, not concealed.
“Moving to the suburbs is never an easy process for couples,” Lander explained. “Many are caught between a desire to remain cool and the desire to go to bed at 10 p.m.
“In order to help this growing segment of the population, Ford sent me deep into the heart of suburbia to help uncover the language and terminology required to ease into their new life. I give you the Suburban Dictionary, the indispensable guide to this new and exciting – well, maybe not exciting, let’s just say comfortable and relaxing stage of your life.”
And why the Ford Flex, Christian?
“The Ford Flex is the perfect vehicle for the project as it helped me blend into my suburban surroundings without raising too many suspicions,” he says. “It allowed me to appear cool, but it also has plenty of cupholders, which is perfect because I approach coffee with the same passion I used to approach music.”
The latest Flex
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