Ford together with the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department continues to make South African cities safer by increasing the number of patrol vehicles on the roads.

Johannesburg – 11th April 2008 – Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA) and Fleet Africa handed-over 20 new vehicle units to the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) at their head office in Martindale on Friday, 11 April. In addition to the 20 new vehicles, which were handed over, FMCSA & Fleet Africa recently delivered 240 vehicles to the JMPD.

In recent months the JMPD has taken ownership of 97 Ford Focus models, which have been branded in the department’s livery and will be used for urban policing. Each vehicle is allocated to a specific area and will be used on a 24-hour basis.

Also incorporated into the fleet are 69 Mazda BT-50 double cabs and 94 Ford Ranger Super Cabs. The Super Cab’s clever configuration serves as a cost saving measure with two officers able to ride in comfort and use the rear access area for additional storage.

In the lead up to 2010 the JMPD will continue to expand their presence, while Ford is currently looking at further enhancing its driver training programme in order to further improve the skills of the JMPD officers ahead of the World Cup event.

“Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa is proud to have a long standing association with the Johannesburg Metro Police Department,” said Hal Feder, President and CEO of Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa. “Our vehicles have a proven record of quality and reliability within the department and we are happy to once again see our vehicles used in the fight to make our roads safer.

“With the hand-over we wish to thank, firstly JMPD – for considering Ford and Mazda products for use in their fleet and Fleet Africa, who are the owners of the vehicles,” concluded Feder.

The vehicles have been leased through FleetAfrica under their contract to manage the City of Johannesburg’s fleet.

CEO of Fleet Africa – Sean Barnes said, “we will continue to work with our suppliers and the City of Johannesburg to assist the City to meet its service delivery obligations in the most efficient and effective manner. Knowing that the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department’s fleet has a well-maintained and run fleet is made easier through our excellent relationship with the Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa and we will continue to work with them to assist the JMPD to meet its obligations to ensure the safety of the citizens of the City of Johannesburg”.