Ford Alan Mulally Johannesburg Motor Show 2013


This year Ford really impressed me at the Johannesburg International Motor Show. I were standing next to Mr. Alan Mulally without realizing that he is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor Company. I were sort of distracted with my camera equipment wanting to make sure everything were working 100% so that I can get the Press Conference on YouTube.

Alan Mulally

The conversation with Mr. Alan Mullay turned out to be extremely interesting, entertaining and insightful all this were happening while the clock were counting down to the start of the Press Conference, and to my surprise when the countdown stroke zero Mr Alan Mulally walked forward and started doing the Press Conference. I must say I sort of felt embarrassed by not knowing straight away that I were in conversation with Mr Alan Mulally.

I were further impressed by the charm and elegance by which he did the Press Conference. You can watch part of the video of the Ford Press conference below, or on YouTube at

Mr Alan Mulally further continued and launched the new Ford Transit at the show, in the above video you can watch the spectacular launch of the Ford Transit. The all-new Ford Transit was designed with improved handling, steering and ride qualities. A power rack-and-pinion steering setup provides exceptionally communicative steering feel to the driver, serving as a confidence builder.

Ford South Africa, packed the Ford Transit with 9 local South African artists showcasing some of the loading capability of the new Ford Transit, and also at the same time introducing a spectacular new South African Band to the media. The artists did a stunning job creating the excitement around the new Ford Transit.