For Your Eyes Only: The Best Bad Boy Car is a 159


Nobody does it better than a certain tuxedoed gentleman in Her Majesty’s Secret Service. So, if you’re of the Martini-shaken-not-stirred set, you’ll no doubt soon be descending on a movie theatre somewhere between Monte Casino and Casino Royale to watch the man with the golden gun.

In this latest epic, the spy who loved a certain Ms Lynd, wreaks revenge on his paramour’s assassins by going on an killing spree of thunderball proportions involving old-school stunts with planes, boats, bikes and cars. Now this is where we come in… you see, the aforementioned villains tackle the intrepid adventurer on a twisty bit of Italian tarmac – not from Russia with love – in some very expensive machinery.

The baddies in an Alfa 159 chase the living daylights out of our secret agent in his supercar. In time-honoured fashion, the hero wins the day but at least we can take solace from the fact that the 159 didn’t need licence-to-kill accessories or a price tag that would make even a golden eye water. Forget gold fingers, you would need diamonds forever to afford that little British baby! By contrast, our sporty 159 is priced from only R292 400, which just goes to show that you really can live twice and die another day.

So, in closing take heed of these words of wisdom: the name’s Romeo, Alfa Romeo! It’s a quantum leap forward.