Flying Car at the New York Auto Show Images


    The New Flying Car is currently on display at the New York International Motor Show. At the show the car is attracting many interested parties and media attention. The Flying Car have created such a buzz that the car has been within the most trending topics on Google Trends for the past 4 days. We have some images of the Flying Car taken at the New York International Motor Show.

    Flying Car

    Press Release about the World’s Flying Car

    New York, NY & Woburn, MA – (March  1, 2012): The Transition® Roadable Aircraft, developed by Terrafugia, Inc.,  makes its auto show debut at the 2012 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS),  April 6th through the 15th at the Jacob Javits Convention  Center in New York City.  After years of  testing and engineering breakthroughs, Terrafugia has decided it is time to  share their unique product with the legions of fans attracted to the NYIAS.

    Flying Car New York Auto Show

    Show Director Alan Liebensohn is  “…thrilled to have Terrafugia at the Show this year. “ He adds, “The Transition®is a  truly unique vehicle that represents an enormous step forward in how we view  personal transportation and individual freedom.  We know it will be a huge  crowd pleaser.”

    Anna Mracek Dietrich,  COO of Terrafugia, explains, “We selected the New York International Auto Show  to continue the roll-out of the Transition® because of the value this show  brings in terms of exposure to future owners, investors, and partners.   The NYIAS is a venue from which we can show the first practical street-legal  airplane to the world while meeting the people who will be part of its  commercial success in the years to come.  New York is the perfect place to  accomplish all of this.”

    During the press preview portion  of the NYIAS, Terrafugia will    present the latest generation  Transition® production prototype as well as details of the  company’s future plans.               Public attendees at the show will  get up-close and personal with the street-legal vehicle, witness wing-folding  demonstrations, and meet some of the staff behind the futuristic design.  Video of the Transition® in flight and on the  road will also be shown, allowing convention-goers to see the future of  personal transportation in action.

    Flying Car on the Road

    Terrafugia (terra-FOO-gee-ah),  based in Woburn, MA, is a growing aerospace company founded by pilots and  engineers from MIT and supported by a world-class network of advisors and  private investors.   The company name is  Latin for “escape the earth.”   Terrafugia’s mission is to design and deliver revolutionary,  practical air and land vehicles that provide freedom, flexibility and fun to  their loyal customers.

    Flying Car 2012

    The Transition® is classified as a  Light Sport Aircraft (LSA).

    Flying Car Summary

    Although the flying car looks more like a plane than a car, we love the possibilities that the flying car has to offer. It is good to know that there are companies working on the concept of creating flying cars. The concept may look very primitive at this stage and the cars look more like planes than cars but it might be a step into the right direction of creating beautiful cars that can fly! At this stage creating a plane and car at the same time that looks beautiful may be hampered by Aviation Laws. I haven’t researched it but I think the problem lies with all the rules these flying cars have to adhere by!

    But let’s see what happens with this Flying Car, I suspect it is going to lead to great things!