FleetBoard: range on offer for short-radius distribution, a glimpse into the future of telematics


Attractive offering: logistics for short-radius distribution optimised

  • New entry: easy communication with the driver
  • Coaches operate efficiently with FleetBoard Performance Analysis
  • FleetBoard ex-works in the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • Service offering also available as an App
  • One-of-a-kind: Mercedes-Benz Bank offers new use-based truck insurance


In parallel with the new Mercedes-Benz Antos, FleetBoard is introducing new services for heavy short-radius distribution. The investment into telematics for touring coaches and vans is also proving more worthwhile than ever. Throughout Europe, FleetBoard is a market leader amongst providers of telematics solutions for trucks, vans and coaches of all brands, in all markets. FleetBoard has also gained many new customers in South Africa, Brazil and the Middle East. The company recently received the renowned Frost & Sullivan Award for growth and innovation.

Attractive offering: logistics for short-radius distribution optimised

The specific applications in short-radius distribution require flexible telematics solutions. With the help of FleetBoard, logistics and distribution processes are optimised and the vehicles’ potential is exploited to the fullest extent. For the new Mercedes-Benz Antos, FleetBoard offers an attractive range of amenities for the use of professional telematics: FleetBoard TiiRec – the built-in vehicle computer with modem and GPS receiver – is available including driver coaching for as little as 800 euro. The FleetBoard TiiRec terminal device is designed for the use of FleetBoard vehicle management and time management telematics services. It is used to exchange technical data for every vehicle with a vehicle interface. Customers can pick and choose from FleetBoard’s wide range of services.

FleetBoard pays off: many years of experience of customers in the short-radius distribution business show that by using FleetBoard, fuel consumption can be lowered by 5 to 15 percent within a short time, wear is reduced and jobs can be managed optimally. The FleetBoard vehicle management system records and evaluates technical data from the vehicle, displaying data such as speed, braking behaviour, engine map, stops and idling with the engine running, as well as the degree of difficulty of the deployment including the average gradient and vehicle weight. This information serves to increase the economic efficiency of the fleet. Customised driver tips help to improve driving style, and in many companies, the Performance Analysis is used as the basis for a bonus system. At the IAA for Commercial Vehicles in 2012, FleetBoard will be presenting an enhanced Performance Analysis which delivers even more detailed data for the new Actros and includes such assistance systems as cruise control, adaptive cruise control, EcoRoll and kick-down usage.

New entry: easy communication with the driver

The entry-level solution in FleetBoard logistics services is a new transport management service with essential functions for an efficient logistics process. It is intended for companies looking to implement text communication between headquarters and the driver, along with vehicle locating and navigation.

Basic communication between logistics and the driver takes place via free-text transmission, messaging and status reports. The vehicle location can be seen at any time in FleetBoard Mapping. Messages from logistics land directly in the driver’s cab via DispoPilot.guide.

The built-in DispoPilot.guide with its large seven-inch (17.8-cm) screen acts as a navigation and communication device in the basic version. It can transfer addresses from logistics to the route guidance system. An upgrade to additional services such as simulation of company-specific workflows is possible at any time. Integrated into the navigation system are features such as Lane Assistant, a traffic jam display and consideration of hazardous goods transport for route planning.

Coaches operate efficiently with FleetBoard Performance Analysis

Throughout Europe, fully equipped buses from Mercedes-Benz and Setra can either be equipped with the FleetBoard system ex-works or retrofitted ‒ as in the case of coaches from other manufacturers. Using a digital map, the fleet manager can at any time retrieve the vehicle’s current location or a detailed tracking at 30-second intervals, and switch back and forth between a road view and a satellite view. In addition to coach location, the system also displays important route events and warning and status messages. FleetBoard also allows coach operators to optimise their economic efficiency, since fuel consumption and wear can be significantly reduced by driving style. Evaluations give the driver feedback on actions that can be taken to improve driving style and, above all, make it safer.

FleetBoard ex-works in the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The FleetBoard telematics system is available in the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter directly ex-works, as part of the original equipment. This provides significant savings for the fleet’s operating and processing costs. Real-world tests in short-radius distribution have shown that fuel consumption and CO2 emissions can be lowered by up to 30 percent by adopting an efficient driving style. And FleetBoard logic couldn’t be easier: drivers learn a defensive, pre-emptive driving style and maintain it based on the regular, straightforward reports provided in their driving style assessment.

Service offering also available as an App

With the FleetBoard App, all key fleet information is “at your fingertips”, even while on the road. Business managers, fleet managers and logistics officers can access both current data and data histories via their iPhone or iPad. They can find out vehicle locations and remaining driving times and communicate these to the driver. This allows them to locate drivers with enough driving time remaining in the vicinity of an order to be fulfilled on the spur of the moment, thus providing a quick answer to the question of whether a route will be carried out as planned. Short-notice transport requests or delays due to traffic can be responded to quickly ‒ even at night, if necessary.

One-of-a-kind: Mercedes-Benz Bank offers new use-based truck insurance

For the new Mercedes-Benz Antos and the Actros for short-radius distribution use, the Mercedes-Benz Bank is offering Mercedes-Benz FleetBoard truck insurance. This is the first use-based insurance in Germany for trucks. The premium is based on the degree of difficulty of the deployment and the driving style of the driver – information which is obtained via FleetBoard.

In addition to a modest basic fee for downtime risk, companies pay an insurance premium only when the truck is in use. The Mercedes-Benz FleetBoard truck insurance includes third party and comprehensive coverage. It is available for all Mercedes-Benz trucks equipped with FleetBoard.

The insurance premium is reduced by up to 20 percent if customers combine the Mercedes-Benz FleetBoard truck insurance with a leasing, finance or service leasing contract through Mercedes-Benz Bank or Mercedes-Benz CharterWay, or if they opt to install a Safety Pack Classic or Safety Pack Top.

Another new offering is the all-round, worry-free package called Safety Service Leasing from Mercedes-Benz Bank, which combines leasing, service, insurance and safety equipment. For the new Actros, the package includes the Safety Pack Top with Active Brake Assist, Lane Assistant, adaptive cruise control, retarder and driver’s airbag.

Available for the first time across Europe: Truck maintenance management and Telediagnosis

  • Truck maintenance management: service made easier to schedule
  • Telediagnosis: minimise downtime
  • FleetBoard: as standard in the new Actros, optional in the Antos

Although the service intervals for Mercedes-Benz Trucks are unusually long, every star-studded Truck will need a Service from time to time. With Mercedes-Benz Truck maintenance management, the fleet operator can transfer the service schedule to their Service Partner. This minimises downtime and makes it easier to plan your service requirements. In the event of a breakdown, Tele­diagnosis can also reduce downtime. These services have previously been available in some selected markets, but are now available across almost all of Europe.

Truck maintenance management: service made easier to schedule

The process is logically simple and efficient: if the customer’s vehicle is appropriately set up for the transmission of data, the relevant service and wear-and-tear information can be obtained and analysed by the Mercedes-Benz Service Partner. The customer then swiftly receives a time plan for the pending scope of the service as well as a quotation of the costs involved, calculated on the basis of the individual vehicle in question. This service is only offered by Mercedes-Benz.

Truck maintenance management is independent of a Service contract, facilitates the management of fleets and reduces downtime. On the other side of things, the Service Partner can also perfectly plan the service work as all of the relevant vehicle information and, where necessary, spare parts can be obtained before the vehicle is even brought in to the workshop.

Telediagnosis: minimise downtime

The aim of Telediagnosis is to keep downtimes as low as possible. If a Truck breaks down, with the simple press of a button, the driver can transmit the diagnosis data via FleetBoard directly to the workshop. Before the 24 h Service employee arrives at the scene of the breakdown, he or she can already analyse the fault profile and carry out any necessary preparatory steps so as to guarantee the fastest possible assistance on-scene.

FleetBoard: as standard in the new Actros, optional in the Antos

A prerequisite for the implementation of Mercedes-Benz Truck maintenance management and Telediagnosis is the use of the FleetBoard telematics service. The combination of a signed FleetBoard Service Agreement with the standard-fit vehicle computer in the new Actros is all it takes to be able to test the telematics service for four months with no obligation. Even during the test phase, and if the contract is extended thereafter, a good many customers can benefit from the services offered by the Truck maintenance manager and Telediagnosis. Maintaining a preventive and economic driving style with the aid of FleetBoard also allows wear-and-tear to be reduced. This in turn means that the service intervals of vehicles with an activated FleetBoard contract can be extended by as much as 30,000 km.

Together with FleetBoard, the Truck maintenance management and Telediagnosis functions are also available as an option on the new Mercedes-Benz Antos.