Allstar Card Services is to partner with the organisers of this year’s Fleet World Fleet Show in its newly-announced eco-driving initiative at the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit on April 9.


The Allstar Card Services Eco-driving Hub will be the focus of a range of fuel and cost saving initiatives at this year’s Show, all designed to make fleet managers aware of the wide range of products and services available in this area of the fleet market.

The show organisers announced recently that Silverstone’s infield Stowe Circuit will be the site of the Eco-driving Hub for a day, where those manufacturers with strong low-CO2 sub-brands will demonstrate not only the fuel efficiency of their cars, but also how they can be driven in the most economical fashion.

Fleet World Managing Editor, Ross Durkin, commented: “As an organisation we have a long track record in eco-driving, having run the MPG Marathon since 2000.

“We’ve been looking for some time for a way to take the economy driving message to a wider audience, and to incorporate as well the wide range of low-emission cars, fuel monitoring systems, eco-driving techniques and other fuel management systems on the market.

“The partnership with Allstar Card Services on the Eco-driving Hub is a perfect fit as the organisation is the market leader in the fuel cards sector by some margin, and their expertise in the field will be of great interest to visitors to the event,” added Durkin.

Callum Gibson, Managing Director UK Fuel Businesses of FleetCor which acquired Allstar last year, said: “Our mission is to reduce fuel costs for our customers through a mix of discounts at the pump, eliminating paperwork and providing data and technology that ensures fuel efficient driving.

“Drivers who come along to our Eco-driving Hub at Silverstone will be able to experience the benefits of Allstar’s fuel reduction expertise first hand,” he added.

At the same time, a team of eco-driving experts from corporate driver training specialists, IAM Drive & Survive, will be available on the day to help fleet managers understand how they can achieve – or even exceed – the published fuel consumption figures for popular fleet cars.

Duncan Pickering, Marketing Development Manager at IAM Drive & Survive, said: “Reducing fuel costs and CO2 emissions is of growing importance to fleets, and we are delighted to be providing a team of trainers to help with the eco-driver training initiatives at this year’s Fleet Show.

“Eco-driver training benefits fleets by ensuring drivers can see and appreciate the benefits of driving in a safe and fuel-efficient way. Throughout the training drive, drivers are encouraged to review the key elements that contribute towards a fuel-efficient driving style.  What is immediately apparent following the training is an improvement in fuel consumption and by association, a reduction in CO2 emissions,” he said.

The Silverstone Grand Prix circuit has been split in two this year, so that the National circuit can be used for high-speed laps, and the International Circuit for road speed drives. There is also an off-road circuit for those wishing to try one of the many 4x4s that will be on offer.

Fleet Show event organiser, Jerry Ramsdale, added:  “For those fleet decision makers who want to find out more about the benefits of going green, we are using the Allstar Card Services Eco-driving Hub to help them understand all the factors affecting the size of their fuel and tax bills, and all the ways of improving them.

“As well as professional eco-driving instructors from IAM Drive & Survive, we also hope to have a number of the fleet managers who have taken part in previous MPG Marathons with us on the day to prove that the skills they have developed are available to any fleet driver,” he said.

For more details of the Fleet World Fleet Show 2014 please phone 01727 739160