When was the first parachute jump?


Today October 22, 2013 you will learn about “when was the first parachute jump?’ if you are a Google Doodle Fan. Today’s Google Doodle is an International Google Doodle and will be on most Google Search Engines. According to Wikipedia the André-Jacques Garnerin, completed the first parachute jump safely on October 22, 1797.

When was the first parachute jump

Instead of celebrating André-Jacques Garnerin birthday today, Google have chosen to celebrate his legacy. André-Jacques Garnerin was born on January 31, 1769 and passed away on the 18th of August 1823. He was a balloonist and the inventor of the first frameless parachute. In his later years he was appointed as the official Aeronaut of France for his experience in ballooning and the invention of the first frameless parachute and completing the first parachute jump.

In today’s Google Doodle you can relive the first parachute jump by playing the André-Jacques Garnerin “When was the first parachute jump?” Google Doodle game. In the game you need to jump from a balloon and find your way to the perfect landing spot. The Doodlers whom have created this doodle have done a stunning job, allowing you to land in various spots which resembles France.

To play the game you simply use your mouse left and right buttons, these will direct the parachute either left or right. You can play the game various times, and find several different places to land.

Andre-Jacques Garnerin

For more information about

André-Jacques Garnerin

visit the Wikipedia Article about him, and learn more about his life and legacy. Watch out for the part about the controversial first woman balloon flight which is quite interesting.

You can also learn more about “When was the first parachute jump?” by going to the

When was the first parachute jump?

Page on Wikipedia that is about the history of the parachute and first parachute jump.