First Day of School 2014 – 1st September 2014


    Today September 1, 2014 Google displayed their “First Day of School 2014” Google Doodle on its Russia, Poland, Serbia, Israel, Slovenia and Czech Republic homepages.


    Schools in Russia – First Day of School 2014

    Schools in Russia historically begin on Knowledge Day, September 1.

    This exact date for the country has been fixed by the Decree of the Council of the People’s Commissars in 1935 and was established officially by the Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union No. 3018-X in 1980.

    If it falls on Sunday, most schools opt to hold on Sunday a traditional ceremonial line-up, which symbolically commences the school year, and begin actual lessons on Monday. Traditionally Knowledge Day’

    This is also true for schools in Serbia and the Czech Republic.

    First Day of School 2014 in Poland

    The first day of school in Poland always starts on September 1, or the first Monday following if September 1 is a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

    First Day of School 2014 – Israel

    The first day of school in Israel falls on September 1, or a day later if it’s on Saturday. Some schools in Israel don’t teach on Friday. In 2012 and 2013 the first day of school fell on August 27.

    Schools in Slovenia

    The first day of school in Slovenia is usually on September 1, unless it is a Friday or the weekend.

    We here at 3D Car Shows would also like to wish students in the above countries good luck with their “First Day of School 2014”. May you gain the knowledge to conquer all your dreams through the knowledge of education!