Firestone brightens Sunfield’s day


Residents at the Sunfield Fortuna Home recently had their day brightened with a donation of jeans and goodie bags courtesy of Firestone South Africa. The home is situated on a six-hectare farm about 30km from Nigel in Gauteng, and provides care and assistance to physically and intellectually disabled people.


General Manager, Brenda Gouws, explained that the home had 11 athletes (including 1 coach and a representative) partaking in the Special Olympics in Pietermartizburg in July and needed help with tough, durable clothing for the residents. “We care for 96 residents on a 24-hour basis and although we’re a registered NPO, we do not receive assistance from government and are totally reliant on the community for donations,” she said. “Anything helps and we are so grateful for this donation from Firestone!”

Brenda took Bridgestone PR Manager, Desirée van Niekerk, on a tour of the home, proudly showing the many facilities that have been included since it was founded in 1991. Sunfield Fortuna aims to empower residents with activities that enhance their strength and foster self-worth, and boasts an array of greenhouses where residents grow their own food. The cellular tree project provides jobs to 22 unemployed women from the community.

The therapeutic projects equip residents with life skills and include arts and crafts, dance training, drama and music therapy, computer training and even horse riding. “We try to provide a wide range of activities to combat the isolation which can afflict the disabled,” Buys explained. “We organise outings for residents, including occasional trips to the movies and eating out.

The home holds several annual activities such as a Valentine’s Dance and Christmas Function. “We strive to ensure our residents are active and part of society,” Brenda commented.

Bridgestone’s van Niekerk said she was overwhelmed by the warm reception she got and impressed by the facilities. “It is so good to see people being cared for in this way and I hope that our donation will make their lives more comfortable,” she said.