The trio of Ford Fiesta, Andreas Eriksson and Tanner Foust has proved to be quite effective. The Fiesta, driven by Foust and prepared by Eriksson and his Olsbergs MSE team has regularly topped the podium in the early stages of rallycross in the United States.  Last weekend the results were the same but with a twist.

Eriksson, the team principal at Olsbergs MSE, donned the Best Buy race suit filling in admirably for his friend Marcus Gronholm who missed the second GRC event due to a family commitment. Eriksson showed the skills that have made him a mainstay in the European Rallycross Championship and his Best Buy Ford Fiesta was consistently the fastest throughout the weekend.

The Swede captured the SuperRally victory on Friday and finished third in the Rallycross ‘A Main Final’ on Saturday despite driving on a flat tyre for the final lap and a half.

“Third is good because I was a little worried that I might have lost the podium,” said Eriksson. “I thought I might be able to hold onto second, but I am happy anyway and I am really happy that I didn’t crash the car. I actually lost control of the car before the hairpin and I thought I was done, but I was able to get it back and finish. I had fun covering for Marcus and I’ll restore the car for him for Colorado. This was a perfect setting for our Fiesta. The Best Buy Fiesta is splendid to drive, it is just brilliant.”

Foust, who captured a pair of podium results last month at Irwindale, was in position to hoist the victory champagne after winning the Rallycross feature if not for the fact he dislocated his shoulder on Friday during his head-to-head showdown with Eriksson in SuperRally final. Foust painfully persevered on Saturday and when Eriksson relinquished the lead with the flat tire, Foust drove to victory in the ROCKSTAR Fiesta.

“There was a point in the second to last lap where I felt the shoulder pop, but the EMT people did a wonderful job taping the tar out of it and I could barely move it and I think that is what needed to happen to keep it in,” said Foust.

“Andreas was honestly the quickest today, but as the track deteriorated he had a flat and that opened the opportunity for the ROCKSTAR Fiesta.  Wow, what a race. I am stoked to come away with a win and a second place this weekend. For Fiesta, if Andreas didn’t have the flat tire we finish 1-2, but we still had two cars on the podium and the Fiesta is still showing its stuff here in the US, that is for sure.”

The Global RallyCross Championship will return to action at Pikes Peak International Raceway in Fountain, Colorado June 17-18 Round 3: Last Chance.