Fiat Professional at the CV Show 2012


Fiat Professional is exhibiting a comprehensive display of its award-winning range of commercial vehicles at this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham’s NEC (24 -26 April, 2012).

Fiat Doblo

A total of eight vehicles will be on the Fiat Professional stand, (1G20), with a further display area outside in front of the main entrance to the Show. Some of the vehicles on the stand will be liveried in the design of the major companies with which Fiat Professional is currently conducting business.

Models on the stand will also feature many of the new technologies and innovations that Fiat Professional has recently introduced across its line-up, such as Euro 5 engines, Start&Stop, Traction+, Blue&Me TomTom Live and eco:Drive Professional.

The stand will also feature a display of the Comfort-Matic gearbox, now available on new Ducato in combination with the lively and reliable 2.3 litre 130 and 150 MultiJet II engines, in addition to the top-of-the-range 3.0 litre 180 MultiJet Power engine. A display of the new Euro 5 engine will also be on the stand.

The line-up of vehicles comprises:

  • Ducato 35 Van 2.3 Litre 130 MultiJet II Diesel LWB HR  Tecnico
  • Ducato 30 Van 2.3 Litre 110 MultiJet II Diesel SWB LR
  • Ducato Minibus 17-seater  3.0 Litre 160 MultiJet Power Euro V (outside display)
  • Doblò Work Up 1.6 105 MultiJet Diesel LWB
  • Doblò Cargo eco:Drive Professional simulator
  • Fiorino Cargo 1.3 95 MultiJet II Diesel Start&Stop
  • Fiorino Combi Adventure 5-Seat M1 1.3 95 MultiJet II Diesel Start &Stop
  • New Punto Van 2012 1.3 75 MultiJet II Diesel
  • Scudo Panorama Family 8-seat 2.0 130 MultiJet Diesel LWB

New Ducato

The new Ducato is the latest incarnation of the best-selling van whose five generations have picked up numerous international awards and sold more than 2.2 million vehicles since 1981.

The new Ducato Euro 5 offers a wide range of new content and a renovated engine family that enhances its competitiveness in the segment, and offers the market the best in terms of performance, comfort, payload and running costs.

The new range of Euro 5 engines is more powerful and diverse. Each one is a leader in its power bracket in terms of consumption, emissions and performance.  The range includes three 2.3 MultiJet II engines with power outputs of 110bhp, 130 bhp and 148 bhp respectively. There is also a new 3.0 litre 180 MultiJet Power Euro 5 engine.

The 2.3-litre engines have MultiJet II technology that provides economy, ecology and performance levels that are unrivalled on the market.

Fiat has a proud history of leading the world when it comes to diesel power, and MultiJet II technology, the latest development, employs faster injectors with a new servo valve and balanced shutter allowing them to operate at 1800 bar of pressure compared to the 1600 bar of the previous generation. The fuel system is different from the first-generation MultiJet engines as it contains faster injectors that can carry out multiple injections close together.

The MultiJet II can manage eight injections per cycle thanks to the new servo valve with balanced shutter, which offers more speed, flexibility and precision in the various stages of operation.

All engines stand out for their exceptional performance, long service intervals, low consumption (saving up to 15% compared with Euro 4 engines) and CO2 emissions, as well as for their quietness and relatively low weight, which is always important for a commercial/leisure vehicle where payload is a key factor.

As well as the engines, the latest Ducato offers a new dashboard which is the real star of the revamp: the central console has been totally redesigned. The fully integrated sound system and glossy black surfaces provide a feeling of quality never before seen in a vehicle of this type. The redesign of the upper central part of the dashboard has generated space for the TomTom ‘my-port’ predisposition available as an option, designed by Fiat to make its vehicles compatible with this important feature.

Also available is Blue&Me TomTom LIVE. This device allows customers to manage – through a practical colour touch-screen – phone calls, satellite navigation, media and all the driving information required, which it downloads directly from the on-board computer systems.

The Comfort-Matic gearbox is an innovative robotised transmission that combines the advantages of a manual gearbox (simplicity, fuel efficiency and performance) with the practicality and comfort of an automatic transmission. It is therefore an extremely interesting option both for professionals in this sector and for those who love leisure, such as motorhome owners.

Technically, the gearbox is described as an MTA (Manual Transmission Automated) and consists of a conventional manual gearbox in which the manual linkage is replaced by an actuator, controlled electronically by a TCU (Transmission Control Unit).

Another significant new feature is Traction+, an innovative traction control system that improves the vehicle’s handling on difficult terrain with poor grip. This uses the engine’s Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) computer to simulate the behaviour of a self-locking differential. When one of the driven front wheels spins on a slippery surface or over poor terrain, the brakes are applied to that wheel as simultaneously engine torque is transferred to the wheel with better grip.

The system is operated by a button on the dash, can be engaged at speeds of up to 19mph and ensures the best possible traction is maintained over the roughest terrain.

The adoption of Traction+ provides the benefit of lower weight, and is less expensive than a traditional 4×4 system.

Two versions of the new Ducato will be on the stand, the special series Ducato Tecnico offering customers great value for money, and a Ducato 30 van equipped with the new Euro 5 2.3 litre 110 bhp engine.  A Euro V 17-seater Minibus will be on display outside.

Doblò Cargo

Fiat Professional’s Doblò Cargo sits on an all-new platform that makes it a class leader in all the areas that matter most to professional drivers. It has great carrying capacity in both weight and size terms: up to 1 Ton payload and up to 4.2 m3 volume. The new Bi-Link suspension ensures a smooth ride, and a new range of Euro 5-compliant engines makes it cleaner and cheaper to run.

Fiat Doblò Cargo is available with a choice of five low emissions, Euro 5-specification engines, and comes in several different forms – Cargo, Cargo Maxi, Cargo SX, Cargo Maxi SX, Combi, Combi Maxi, Platform Cab and Work Up – to offer solutions for a wide spectrum of commercial vehicle users.

The engine line-up comprises a 1.4-litre 16v 95bhp petrol unit and four MultiJet 16v diesels – 1.3 (90bhp), 1.6 (105bhp), 1.6 Comfort-Matic (90bhp) and 2.0 (135bhp).

The Start&Stop system – which stops the engine automatically whenever traffic conditions bring the van to a complete halt, and restarts it when the driver wants to move off again – gives up to 15 per cent fuel savings, and the vehicle range offers a low CO2 figure from just 126g/km.

The appeal of Fiat Professional’s award-winning Doblò Cargo van range has been broadened with a version called the Doblò Work Up. It’s a ‘dropside’ vehicle with compact external dimensions allowing easy use in urban areas. The external dimensions are not, however, a limit to its performance. The load box is 2.30 m long and 1.82 m wide, with 4.2 m2 of loading area which can accommodate a payload of up to 1,000kg. Additionally, the multi-link suspension permits a rear axle load up to 1,450kg.

The load box is made of high-resistance steel with a floor created from anti-slip multilayer wood and sides in aluminium alloy. Under the floor is a compartment for stowing long tools, safely protected from the elements.

In addition, on each side of the vehicle there is a small, practical step that allows the user to get into the load area. This structure has a ladder rack/door poles, load restraining hooks, and a sturdy protective grille on the rear window of the cab.

All these features make the Doblò Work Up ideal for agriculture, construction, maintenance or city parks services sectors. It is ideal for the transport of frames and glass and can take, for example, three Euro pallets or 33 boxes of fruit.

The Doblò Work Up is powered by a choice of two Euro 5 turbodiesel engines: 1.3 MultiJet II 90 bhp and 1.6 MultiJet 105 bhp. Both engines are characterised by excellent performance, low noise, low operating costs (fuel consumption and maintenance), reliability and environmental friendliness. Both feature the fuel-saving Start&Stop system as an option.

On the stand there will be a Fiat Doblò Work Up 1.6 105 MultiJet Diesel LWB together with a Doblò Cargo eco:Drive Professional simulator.

eco:Drive Professional

Fiat’s award-winning eco:Drive and its application for commercial vehicle drivers, eco:Drive Professional, are available on any vehicle fitted with Blue&Me and help drivers learn to use less fuel, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and saving up to 15 per cent in running costs.

Drivers download eco:Drive to their computer. Then plugging any USB stick into the Blue&Me port allows acceleration, deceleration, gearshift and speed information to be saved onto it automatically. When the USB is plugged back into a computer, eco:Drive converts the data into facts and figures such as mileage, CO2 emissions and money saved.

A development of this is eco:Drive Fleet which allows fleet managers to monitor all the data from the vehicles they supervise via an on-line dashboard. It automatically updates the database with management costs and the mileage count for maintenance intervals. As well as enabling fleet managers to reward efficient drivers, it allows them to see how well their fleet is performing according to an overall eco:Index.

Eco:Drive Professional builds on this further by allowing commercial vehicle drivers to enter various parameters such as the load they’re carrying and the frontal area of the vehicle. The software allows the driver or fleet manager to analyse the impact of the load on the vehicle’s efficiency and suggests the most appropriate behaviour to get the best economy.

Visitors to the CV Show will be able to evaluate eco:Drive Professional for themselves on a simulator installed on board a Fiat Doblò Cargo. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the Show to those achieving best results on the simulator.


Two versions of the award-winning Fiorino will be on the stand including a Fiorino Cargo 1.3 95 MultiJet II Diesel, and a Fiorino Combi Adventure 5-seat 1.3 95 MultiJet II Diesel.

The 95hp 1.3 MultiJet II diesel unit for Fiorino comes as standard with Start&Stop, and a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

Power, usability and economy are key features of the Fiorino’s 95hp engine. With this power output and 200 Nm of torque at 1500rpm, the engine can take the Fiorino to a maximum speed of 106mph, yet it returns 65.7mpg economy on the combined cycle. CO2 emissions are just 113 g/km.

Other Euro 5 engines in the Fiorino range include a 73hp 1.4-litre 8v petrol unit and a 75hp 1.3-litre MultiJet II diesel which has a Combined Cycle fuel consumption figure of 68.9mpg when fitted with the Comfort-Matic gearbox.

The Fiorino Combi Adventure will be displayed in an ‘off-road’ scene on the stand to highlight the benefits of Traction+, an electronic differential lock system for improved grip and control when driving in mud, snow and other low-grip conditions, but with no impact on fuel economy or maintenance costs.

Fiorino Adventure versions meet the needs of customers who have particular traction requirements due to their off-road assignments, such as building sites and rural locations, or who need to negotiate difficult terrain, such as mud and snow. The Adventure specification features: an under-engine guard, front bumper with lower valence, larger protective side panels, suspension raised by approximately 30 mm compared to the standard ride height, and 15” M+S tyres.

Completing the line-up will be the new Punto Van 2012 equipped with a 1.3 75 MultiJet II Diesel engine and an eight–seat Scudo Panorama Family LWB equipped with a 2.0 MultiJet 130 Euro 5 engine.

The new Punto Van will become available to order from April. Further details will be available at the Show.

The Scudo range encompasses panel vans and platform cabs as a basis for conversion, and two commercial passenger vehicle variants, the 6-seat Combi and the 5-seat Panorama Family. Both can also be requested with a third row seating option providing a 9-seat Combi or an 8-seat Panorama.

Scudo’s car-like performance, its reliability, productivity, agility and comfort, coupled with a choice of three generous cargo areas, make it a versatile all-round winner.

Sebastiano Fedrigo, Director of Fiat Professional UK, comments: “Fiat Professional has made significant strides forward in providing fleet support and back-up through its dealer network and is now enjoying growing success in this important area of the market place.

“We have a strong award-winning model line-up which features new technologies and innovations that are able to provide businesses economic and environmentally-friendly solutions to meet their requirements.

“With our competitive pricing and new technological features, we are confident we can provide business customers visiting our stand at the show a most attractive package.”