Fiat Auto South Africa held a Fiat Kyalami Experience at the famous Grand Prix Circuit this past weekend.

Over 5000 members of the public attending the event held on Sunday the 11th of June 2006. This included over 500 VIP guests of Fiat Auto South Africa.

Apart from the many exhibitors on display, one of the days’ highlights was the first public appearance of the Alfa Romeo 159. Those attending the day were also offered the opportunity to test drive various models on circuit, accompanied by a trained driving instructor.

Hot lap sessions, by the instructors allowed guests to experience the vehicles at their full potential on circuit. Over 600 people experienced the new vehicles on circuit, covering over 4000 kilometres around the circuit.

Apart from the displays of Fiat Auto South Africa, other exhibitors included local Ferrari and Maserati agent Rosso Sport Auto, a racing car display including the Fiat Grande Punto S 2000 and a Ferrari F1 car.

The various marque club displays included the Alfa Romeo Club, Lancia Club, Maserati Club, Fiat Club, Fiat Abarth Club and the Fiat Uno Turbo Club. Sefac [Southern Equatorial Ferrari Automobili Club] visited the circuit in the morning as part of a charity event. The twenty gleaming red Ferrari’s added to the excitement of the day.

Iveco had an on-track parade of AA Tow Trucks with an official handing over ceremony to the Automobile Association. Two wheel fans were treated to a display from Rosso Moto [Ducati] Italmoto [MV Augusta, Cagila and Husqvarna] and Vespa Scooters. Classic rally fans were able to witness the finish of the Classic Car Rally at the circuit.

Children’s entertainment was provided and added to the family day feel of the event.

Fiat Auto South Africa would like to thank all those who attended the event, both as guests and exhibitors.