Fiat is the Most Improved Franchiser for 2005


Mr Giorgio Gorelli, Managing Director of Fiat Auto South Africa (middle), accepts the award for the “Most Improved Franchiser for 2005” from Ray Nethercott, the chairman of NADA (left), and Paul Botha from Deloitte at the recent National Automobile Dealers’ Association (NADA) Awards.

According to Mr Gorelli, the recognition Fiat has received from NADA is a positive indication that the company is on the right track. “We have worked really hard over the last year to improve our communication, training, marketing support and processes, and the dealers have responded by putting all the right ticks in the 14 categories in which we were judged as a manufacturer.

Also, from a product renewal point of view, 2005 is a pivotal year for us – exciting model additions like the Panda and the Strada have placed dealers in a far more favourable retailing position, Mr Gorelli said.

Further, Mr Gorelli his expressed satisfaction with the mechanism of the Dealer Satisfaction Index, saying that not only was it an invaluable market research tool but that it serves as, “a very real guide to help us plot a course that will see us continually improve in our relations with our dealers.”

Gorelli concluded by saying that as an organisation, Fiat Auto South Africa is working towards one common objective, and that is to improve its capacity to deliver the best retail service to customers.