new range of air conditioning checks and servicing is being introduced by Fiat Group Automobiles UK Ltd in time for summer.

Fiat Air Conditioning Service

Under the banner Banish Bacteria, two levels of service are being offered: an antibacterial cleanse, which rids the air conditioning unit of stale smells and potentially harmful bacteria which can build up during periods of disuse, and a pollen filter check; and a full service, which additionally includes checks for leaks, renewal of refrigerant gas, temperature checks and inspection of the cooling fan operation.

The full service also includes rinsing and disinfecting of the evaporator, and disinfection of ventilation components and condensation water outlets.

As well as cleaning the system, the services can improve efficiency and enhance safety by helping the system to clear screens of condensation quicker. Additionally, ventilation is improved and traffic fumes are reduced.

“When a car’s air conditioning system is not used for a period of time, or left unserviced, bacteria and fungi can grow due to the build-up of condensation combined with engine warmth, so it’s important to have it checked,” says Richard Green, service marketing manager, Fiat Group Automobiles UK.

Available at participating Fiat dealerships, the anti-bacterial cleanse costs from £12.99, while the full service costs from £39.99. A short video to help explain the reasons why the pollen filter should be changed