Fiat Group Automobiles South Africa New Full Maintenance and Warranty


fiatProfessional, Alfa Romeo and Abarth brand vehicles locally, announced today that, retrospectively from 1st January 2013, all Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Abarth passenger vehicles will carry the same 3 year / 100,000 km full maintenance plan and warranty. Fiat Professional vehicles will carry the warranty portion only.

The move standardises the maintenance and warranty terms for the entire range of exciting Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Abarth passenger vehicles as well as the warranty for the Fiat Professional van range, ensures continuity across all models and has negated the need for unwelcome price adjustments whilst offering customers a better value proposition.

On the previous scheme, certain models were offered with only warranty, others with warranty and optional service plans, whilst warranty and full maintenance was retained exclusively for other

s. The introduction of this standardised scheme delivers complete peace of mind motoring for all Fiat product buyers.

Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Fiat Professional vehicles are sold and serviced through 34 dealers countrywide, Abarth is currently sold through select dealers in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban with new dealerships for all brands coming on-line during the course of 2013.