Published by Gerald Ferreira Date: August 13, 2012
Categories: FIAT, FIAT Dealership News

More proof of the new Fiat Panda’s flyaway success has been demonstrated by West Midlands dealership Guest Fiat, which has supplied 25 of the popular city cars to the British Aviation Authority, the organisation that looks after the UK’s airports.

FIAT British Airport

The Willenhall-based dealer is the preferred supplier to BAA of the Panda fleet, which are all finished in white and fitted with airport standard flashing roof beacons. The cars are being used for airfield duties across some of Britain’s main airports, including Birmingham, Manchester and Gatwick.

“The Panda was the perfect choice for the airport authority,” says Richard Turner, corporate manager, Guest Fiat. “It came out top above the competition in terms of value for money, size, space, reliability and ecological values.”

Guest Fiat has plans to supply more cars to BAA as the agreement gets off the ground.