Fiat Brand Records the Lowest Co2 Emissions in Europe for the Fifth Year Running


FiatFor the fifth year running, Fiat Automobiles has recorded the lowest level of CO2 emissions by vehicles sold in Europe in 2011, with an average measurement of 118.2 g/km (4.9 g/km less than the 2010 average).

Fiat also ranked first as a Group, with 123.3 g/km, an improvement of 2.6 g/km on last year. The record is certified by JATO Dynamics, the world’s leading automotive consultancy and research firm.

This is an important achievement and a continuing improvement. Over the last five years Fiat Automobiles has reduced its average emissions by 14%, from 137.3 to 118.2 g/km of CO2, significantly lower than the target set out by the European Union for 2015, which has been fixed at 130 g/km.

This result shows Fiat’s commitment to protecting the environment through the development of simple and ingenious solutions such as the TwinAir engine, the world’s most ‘ecological’ turbo petrol engine, the use of alternative fuels such as Methane/LPG, a sector in which the brand is European leader, and the development of innovative technology such as eco:Drive, an application which encourages a more responsible and eco-compatible driving style,  and which has allowed a large number of the drivers who use it regularly to achieve emissions which are even lower than the type-approval levels.

Over the last 20 years all of Fiat’s eco-technological innovation has brought revolutionary solutions to the market, solutions which at the same time are simple and of low environmental impact, solutions which do not ask the customer to give up any of the driving pleasure which has always been so characteristic of Italian cars.