Fiat at the Bologna Motor Show


The Fiat stand at this year’s Bologna Motor Show is youthful and fresh with great visual impact. Some would say it’s even arresting thanks to an outrageous concept car, the Oltre Fiat.

Oltre Fiat

A one-off show-car, the Oltre confirms the Fiat Group’s excellence and technological superiority in the large four wheel drive and off-roader segment. It was built onto the base of Iveco’s LMV (Light Multirole Vehicle) a new military off-road vehicle with cutting-edge engineering features that has been chosen by the Italian Army and also won a FCLV (Future Command and Liaison Vehicle) contract for the British Army.

The show-car offers generous exterior dimensions: 4870 mm wide, 2050 mm high and 2200 mm large, with a wheelbase of 3230 mm. All this is expressed through exuberant styling, determined by a silhouette with linear wheelarches that cut the side panel in two. The door handles are also recessed so that they do not get in the way during off-road driving. The design concept emphasises practicality and ability to stand up to the extreme performance required of this vehicle.

The crew cab configuration (double cab with an open load box) is an ideal blend because it allows you to feel master of the situation inside a comfortable passenger compartment while the vehicle displays the Spartan nature of a rugged expedition pick-up on the outside.

The tubular structure above the passenger compartment makes the vehicle look even more solid and focuses attention on a complete roll bar inside. An adjustable sun blind at the top of the windscreen adds dynamism to the roof and is reminiscent of the distinctive vehicles used to cross the desert.

The Oltre Fiat is clearly intended to express strength and solidity and inherits all the distinctive features of the military model including a permanent 4×4 transmission that allows it to tackle any situation or trail. It also benefits from a high ground clearance (50 cm) and a highly independent suspension system with coil springs and coaxial shock absorbers.

Its extraordinary explorer qualities are also enhanced by the fact that the four wheel drive engages automatically (as required). All three differentials are lockable to guarantee outstanding wheel grip in all conditions. These features allow the Oltre Fiat to climb up a lateral gradient of up to 40% and a longitudinal slope of 80%. It can also tackle an 85 cm deep ford (1.5 metres deep if extension pipes are added to the intake and exhaust).

The show-car is fitted with very high-performance low-profile Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asymmetric 315/40R26 XL (Extra load) tyres of ultra-sporty design with speed code V.

The multipurpose vehicle on show at Bologna is equipped with an Iveco F1C common rail engine with variable geometry turbocharger and intercooler. In detail, this is a flat four cylinder 3000 cc engine that delivers a maximum power of 136 KW at 3700 rpm and ensures a high torque of 456 Nm at 1800 rpm. When combined with an automatic 6-speed transmission, the power unit can propel this extraordinary vehicle to a top speed of over 130 km/h.

The Oltre Fiat show-car weighs (in running order with all tanks and reservoirs full) some seven tons and can accommodate four or five people depending on the chosen interior specification. Its payload is approximately three tons (double that of the US Hummer).