Published by Gerald Ferreira Date: April 23, 2012
Categories: FIAT, FIAT Sport

23 April 2012. Fiat Ambassador and 2008 Track Cycling Olympic Champion Geraint Thomas took some time out of his preparation for the summer Games to spend the day with Fiat in east London.

Track Cycling Olympic Champion Geraint Thomas

Fiat, the Official Vehicle Supplier to British Cycling, provides a range of Fiat cars to support both the Cycling and Para-cycling teams. As part of Geraint’s partnership with Fiat he has been provided with a Fiat Punto to help with his travel for training and competitions.

Look Mum No Hands! a cycle café and bike workshop in east London, played host to Geraint Thomas and Fiat where Geraint cycled the streets, picked up his car, grabbed a coffee and ensured his bike was up to scratch ready to hit the road again.

When asked about his preparations for this summer Geraint commented: “My preparations for this Olympics are very similar to 2008 in Beijing. There is definitely more pressure with it being on home turf but I’m feeling confident and can’t wait to get on the track.”