Fiat 500 in this year’s Round Table Cannonball Run


Imagine being pulled over by two gun-toting ‘Carabinieri’ in a bespoke ice-blue ‘Polizia’ Fiat Cinquecento in the Free State? Well, for many of the competitors in this year’s Round Table Cannonball Run, they had to face this fake arm of the law with hilarious results as fictitious fines were dished out en-masse, all in the name of charity.

The Round Table Cannonball Run is operated in accordance with Arrive Alive and with full compliance to all the rules of the road. This three-day and three-night event kicked off at Investment Cars on the 7th August and will finish at an undisclosed location in the Free State on the 10th August.

With the help of cryptic clues, the 40-strong field of vehicular exotica ranging from Ferraris to a London taxi took off on a scenic “acrosscountry” circuit involving a number of grueling challenges along the way – a gymkhana, skid pan exercises, hill climbs and some speed stretches, as well as a few “out-of-car”experiences.

The Round Table Cannonball Run offers awards in a number of categories and there are no cash prizes.

The ubiquitous Fiat 500 will, no doubt, steal the show as it follows and ‘harasses’ the Cannonball car cavalcade on its way down to the Free State.

(More photos will be made available following the event.)