Ferrari Panel Beaters South Africa


Carrozzeria Viglietti is the preferred Panel Shop for Italy’s finest 


Johannesburg, 14 March 2014. Stemmed from the Italian word for ‘coachbuilder’, Carrozzeria Viglietti is the official Panel Shop for Ferrari and Maserati vehicles in South Africa, carrying full backing from the official importer of Italy’s finest automotive brands, Viglietti Motors. At a smart event held at the premises in Edenvale, Johannesburg, Ferrari owners were given a taste of the Carrozzeria Viglietti experience, which caters for both new vehicles as well as “Classiche” models.

Formed around the expertise and knowledge of veteran Ferrari and Maserati technicians, Carrozzeria Viglietti prides itself on expert craftsmanship and technical know-how to ensure that repairs and restorations done to Ferrari and Maserati vehicles are of the highest possible quality and integrity.


Mervyn Eagles, CEO of Viglietti Motors, comments: “Owners of Ferrari and Maserati vehicles expect nothing but the absolute best in all aspects of vehicle ownership – from initial purchase through to servicing and repairs. In this vein, our partnership with Carrozzeria Viglietti is as important to us as our vehicles are to their owners, who can rest assured that repairs and restoration will be carried out to exacting levels.

“Specifically for owners of Ferrari Classiche and Maserati vehicles, the use of genuine parts and a coachbuilder’s approach to all aspects of restoration, ensures that historical models restored by Carrozzeria Viglietti come out as close to the original products as possible, with meticulous attention to detail and fulfilment of customer demands.”


Speaking specifically about Ferrari Classiche ownership, Corso Pilota Instructor, Lorenzo Granai, says it is a particularly worthwhile investment, with recent financial studies indicating a 395% return on investment in classic cars which places them alongside gold as the world’s best investment markets. Classic Ferraris lead this trend, occupying the top slots in the world’s most valuable vehicle purchases. A recent auction saw a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa fetch a record-breaking $16 390 000.


The Carrozzeria Viglietti Classiche department has been set up to provide Ferrari Classiche owners with a dedicated programme which includes maintenance, repair, restoration, technical assistance and authenticity certification. The latter, which culminates in an authentic document attesting to the vehicle’s authenticity in every respect, guarantees the preservation of Ferrari heritage, allows for participation in official Ferrari events and adds value to a potential sale. The restoration process in particular is a delicate process which is carried out directly at Carrozzeria Viglietti, where access to the in-house foundry and machining tools guarantee authenticity and retention of historic value.


Carrozzeria Viglietti is the only establishment of its kind in Southern Africa, being custom designed around particular workshop requirements which emulates those of the Ferrari factory in Maranello, including a similar policy on environmental friendliness and waste management. The one-stop repair centre focuses on crash repair and operates in conjunction with official Viglietti Motors workshops to ensure that vehicles are repaired back to factory principles and that relevant warranties are kept intact. Eighteen highly-trained staff work to factory standards and beyond, with perfection achieved thanks to expert training and the latest equipment.