The 458 Speciale continues to garner plaudits from the public and media. The latest Prancing Horse is the most powerful 8 cylinder car ever built in Maranello and has been given the title “Supercar of the Year 2013” by the Middle Eastern magazine, Evo.


“It’s not a surprise: we expected the 458 Speciale to be incredible, given the expectation prior to its presentation,” said Bassam Kronfil, the magazine’s editor. “But it was only when we were able to drive it that we realised the car truly exceeded our expectations. Ferrari has made the 458 Italia even better than before in terms of how it drives, which is no mean feat! Quick, involving and with that incredible howl from the Ferrari V8, the Speciale is the acme of the best Italian sports cars in terms of passion and technology.”

The new special series from the Maranello marque, like all those produced by Ferrari, presents a raft of technological innovations that make this car unique and special, created for the most demanding sports loving owners who are looking for maximum excitement at the wheel. Patented by Ferrari, or at least a world first, the innovations extend to the whole care, especially the power unit, the aerodynamics and the vehicle dynamics, which make it stand out even more than special editions from the past, such as the Challenge Stradale and the 430 Scuderia, when compared to the base model.

The aspirated engine puts out the most horsepower (605cv) and the most specific power (135 cv/l) in the history of the Ferrari road going V8. It boasts an amazing power to weight ratio (2.13 Kg/cv,) with an aerodynamic efficiency index E of 1.5m and has electronic control for the set-up angle (SSC.) These are some, not all of the characteristics that make this car really Speciale and which are destined to become a standard for the Ferraris of the future.