Fans from all over Europe get together on the Baltic Sea beach

  • 1,000 Kilometres to the Sea: Beetle Fans from all over Europe get together on the Baltic Sea beach
  • The eighth Beetle Sunshine Tour starts in Lübeck on 18 August
  • Volkswagen Sound Foundation presents band Luxuslärm

Volkswagen Sunshinetour

Wolfsburg/Travemünde, 11 July 2012 – With their song “1000 Kilometer bis zum Meer (1000 kilometres to the sea)”, the German pop rock group “Luxuslärm” played into the top 10 radio charts all across Germany. On 18 August, the band from Iserlohn is providing the motto for the eighth Beetle Sunshine Tour with the selfsame title. Once a year, the fans of all “round” Volkswagens (Käfer, New Beetle and Beetle) from all over Europe arrive at the shores of the Baltic Sea near Travemünde. With more than 2,000 visitors, the Sunshine Tour is the largest private gathering of Beetle friends worldwide.

“Luxuslärm” as well as the opening act of “NEOH” will be presented by Volkswagen Sound Foundation, which has been promoting young musicians for 15 years. On a second stage, an automobile duo is having its grand debut: The new Beetle Fender Edition with its 400-Watt sound system, created in cooperation with the Fender guitar and amplifier brand, as well as the Beetle Sport with R-Line packages by Volkswagen R GmbH, which will be a new addition to the Beetle programme with 19-inch wheels, among other things, as of late summer.

Volkswagen Sunshinetour 2012

The Beetle Sunshine Tour begins at the Volkswagen Center in Lübeck (start on 18 August at 12 noon) and goes to Brügmanngarten in Travemünde, where the programme kicks off at 2:00 p.m. Käfer, New Beetle and Beetle drivers who are interested can secure a starting position at: