While the focus at this time of the year is generally on a sleigh as a mode of transport, Burchmore’s is planning a huge Christmas auction, where slightly more conventional means of transport will be up for grabs.

Christmas auction

This extremely unusual event (vehicle auctioneers typically shut up shop mid-December – leaving Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen and their other five buddies to do all the hard work) takes place at Burchmore’s Sandton on Saturday, December 22. It commences at 10.30 am sharp.

A whopping 100 cars of all makes, models and ages will be up for grabs –  at prices to make you say “ho, ho, ho”. It’s important to bear in mind the fact that anyone who bids on auction at Burchmore’s is bidding against the trade. Those dealers will acquire the vehicle on auction (at wholesale prices, of course) and then add a substantial mark-up to the price before reselling the vehicle. Private buyers who acquire a car via auction at Burchmore’s thus save that mark-up!

A big crowd is expected (don’t be surprised to see a big man in red there and a splattering of elves too). Some customers will be looking for a car for the holidays. “It is surprising how many people shop at the last minute for a car to go on holiday. Last year we were cooking!” reveals Les Cox, dealer principal at Burchmore’s in Sandton.

Others will be eyeing a student car. “Given the fact that many youngsters start university in the new year, a good, reliable and safe car – that won’t break the bank – is a prerequisite. And there is nowhere better to shop than at Burchmore’s,” notes Darryl Jacobson, managing director of the vehicle auctioneer.

Given the fact that many people are paid early in December, and some people also receive bonuses, buyers can afford a vehicle in this festive month. Naturally, those buyers who have blown the budget on Christmas presents have access to finance, insurance as well as warranties. Trade-ins are also accepted. Customers can view the vehicles from Thursday, December 20.