Falken Tyre Europe to supply Volkswagen Polo with winter tyres


Specific version of new HS449 winter tyre developed in record time to offer improved safety in cold weather driving.

Falken Eurowinter HS449

Volkswagen has selected Falken to supply a derivative of its new EUROWINTER HS449 winter tyre for the Polo. The OE-approved 185/60R15 85H tyres is the second contract the Japanese tyre manufacturer has secured with Volkswagen this year and follows the agreement to deliver its Sincera tyres to the Up!

With a significantly larger engineering team in Europe, thus ensuring closer co-operation with OEM customers such as VW, Falken produced a specific version of the HS449 in under nine months. “We were able to create and validate a derivative in record time and succeeded in winning Volkswagen over in the process,” says Markus Bögner, Sales Director at Falken Tyre Europe.

Winter tyres such as the EUROWINTER HS449 offer improved grip when temperatures fall below 7°C.  With higher silica content, Falken’s engineers have created a cold weather tyre that offers improved wet weather braking and using the latest polymers enhances stability by 13 percent compared to its previous winter tyre. Other safety related features such as a three dimensional zigzag lamellar structure are designed to increase grip on snow and ice. “With factory-fitted tyres, the safety aspect is always a primary factor, especially for winter tyres. We are very pleased to have scored well in that respect,” adds Bögner. Crucial for premium cars such as the Polo, five-phase shifted tread bars lower the tyre noise typically associated with winter tyres.

Volkswagen Golf Tyres

A standard version of Falken’s HS449 cold weather tyre is available in a range of 57 sizes from approved Falken dealers.