The Azalai is a specially designed conversion which offers exceptional off-road performance combined with comfortable living and sleeping accommodation for up to five people. Ideally suited to overland expeditions, the Azalai is also a practical every day vehicle. Now, one vehicle is capable of exploring the green lanes of Wales, crossing the African desert, keeping up with the traffic on motorways and agile enough to drive around towns.

The Azalai can be based on several vehicles including two Land Rover Defender models and the Toyota Land Cruiser or Hilux. It comprises a ‘living pod’ vacuum moulded in composite materials which is grafted to the back of new vehicles or older models in good condition. The outer body of the Azalai is moulded as a one-piece shell which is 21mm thick and includes 15mm of very high-density insulation. Similar in construction to refrigerated trucks, this provides a high level of thermal insulation – it keeps the inside cool in the summer and warm in winter and avoids condensation. The sides of the roof are made from insulated and UV blocking fabric and include air vents/windows, with integral fly screens, for extra ventilation.

The living pod is lightweight, tough and hard-wearing – the Azalai is built to last. To preserve the stability and agility of the base vehicle, weight is kept as low as possible – extra fuel, fresh and waste water are all housed under the floor and storage lockers and cupboards are below window height. Importantly for all-terrain vehicles, the departure angles are hardly affected. With a limited overhang and only a slight increase in overall length compared to the base vehicle, the off-road ability of the Azalai is not compromised. There is also plenty of spare load capacity for carrying extra fuel, water and so on.

When based on a Land Rover Defender 130 crew cab model, the Azalai offers a king-size bed (1.5m x 2m) for two adults as well as sleeping accommodation for three children. Standard features on all Azalai models include a hot water shower, an electric flushing toilet, a fridge with freezer compartment, a gas cooker, a wardrobe and stowage space on the roof. There is a storage locker for recovery equipment, camping gear, tools and accessories and a gas bottle locker for two 2.5kg Camping Gaz bottles. In addition, the rear door is fitted with a three-point lock and the spare wheel is stored in specially designed and secure hatch that can only be unlocked from inside the vehicle. With this specification as standard, occupants have the option of eating, sleeping and washing inside where they are safe, secure and away from hidden dangers – vital considerations when traversing unfamiliar areas. Indeed, on arrival after dark at an unfamiliar location, occupants need only raise the roof, lower the bed and turn in – all within two minutes of switching off the engine.

The Azalai gives you the option to eat, sleep and wash inside. Safe and secure, out of the elements and away from hidden dangers. But you don’t have to stay indoors. If they pack a tent (which is offered as an option) and a portable stove occupants can sleep and cook outside. The shower can be used outside as well.

A wide range of optional features is available – each Azalai conversion is built to the chosen specification of the purchaser.

The Azalai fits into a standard hi-cube container for secure shipping anywhere in the world.

The Azalai team offers all aftermarket support to service the vehicles. All parts are available at any time and they can be shipped quickly to any parts of the world. Additional options can be fitted anytime and anywhere. The flexible team of experts guarantee maximum support, no matter if owners are crossing a continent or a European town.