Published by Gerald Ferreira Date: May 22, 2013
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  • New Discovery 4 model designed to cater to the overland adventure market
  • New entry point into Discovery 4 line-up

Land Rover Discovery 2013

May 2013 – The Land Rover Discovery 4, world-renowned as the ultimate all-purpose vehicle, is now available with coil spring suspension in the Discovery 4 XS, which has been specifically designed to cater to the adventure market.

The XS is fitted with Land Rover’s 155kW 3.0 TDV6 powerplant and is aimed at broadening the appeal of the Discovery 4 thanks to its competitive pricing.

“In response to customer demand we are pleased to introduce the Discovery 4 XS,” says Peter Biven, Marketing and Communications Director for Land Rover South Africa and sub-Sahara Africa.  “The XS is essentially an expedition vehicle designed for robust, overland work.”

While the plush luxury of the Discovery 4 makes it the perfect partner both on- and off-road, for those looking to do longer expedition journeys the Discovery’s many indulgent features are not a priority. As such the XS has been stripped of its sunroof and other features such as electronic seat adjustment.

Land Rover Discovery 4

The Discovery 4 XS features 18” alloy wheels, automatic climate control, cruise control and  cooled centre cubby among its still extensive list of features. Ready for adventure the XS is fitted with a tow bar and features Trailer Stability Assist. It is only available in five seat configuration.

Cloth seats are standard fitment but can be upgraded to leather as an option, the only other option available on the vehicle is the addition of privacy glass if required.

 “This is a tough, hardworking vehicle that delivers unbeatable utility in some of the most demanding territories,” adds Biven.

Set to take advantage of these benefits is South African explorer and humanitarian Kingsley Holgate. A fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, he has been described by Getaway Magazine as "the most travelled man in Africa" and has modeled himself on David Livingstone. Land Rover has been Kingsley Holgate’s vehicle of choice for many years.

Land Rover epitomizes travel and adventure,” says Holgate. “We require competent, capable and dependable vehicles on an expedition and that is exactly what Land Rover has delivered.

As with other models in the range the XS features Land Rover’s acclaimed 8-speed transmission with Drive Select and rotary shifter, Hill Decent Control and Low/High range gear selection.

Driver controls include steering wheel paddles as standard enabling the driver to take control of gear shifting manually. The rotary switch selects park, reverse, neutral, drive or sport modes, the last of these optimising the gearbox response times for maximum acceleration, improved response and sharper upshifts.

Land Rover

 “We are excited about the introduction of the new Discovery XS. It is a more affordable option in the Discovery line-up and caters to a market with very demanding requirements,” concludes Biven.

Like all Discovery 4 models the XS comes standard with a 5yr/100 000km maintenance plan. It is priced R598 600.

Land Rover Discovery 4 Specifications

DISCOVERY 4 13MY TDV6   Technical Data Sheet
Feature 3.0L V6 Diesel   155kW
8 Speed Rotary Shifter
Body Dimensions No. of seats 5 Seat
Length SAE L103 mm 4829
Width excluding mirrors SAE W103 (including mirrors SAE W104) mm 1915 (2176)
Width with mirrors folded SAE W105 mm 2022
Max height Fixed Roof SAE H101 mm 1887
Max height with roof side rails SAE H101 mm 1891
Max height with roof antennae module SAE H101 mm 1912
Wheelbase SAE L101 mm 2885
Front Overhang SAE L104 mm 814
Rear Overhang SAE L105 mm 1130
Track - front (rear) at ground level SAE W101-1 / W101-2 mm 1605 (1612.5)
Underbody clearance minimum - running clearance to exhaust mm 185
Front Axle clearance - to axle undertray mm 209
Rear Axle clearance - to differential casing mm 216
Wading Depth mm 600
Turning circle - turns lock to lock No. of  turns 3.32
Turning circle - wall to wall av. (outermost corner of front bumper   assy) m 11.8
Turning circle - kerb to kerb av. (outermost edge of front outside tyre   wall) m 11.45
Approach Angle SAE A106-1 deg 32.2
Departure Angle  -full size spare   option SAE A106-2 deg 24.9
Departure Angle with towbar (NAS Class 3 Draw Bar - L015838) deg 14.7
Departure Angle with towbar (EU Fixed Height - KNB500011) deg 15.7
Departure Angle with towbar (EU Adjustable height - KNB500030) deg 14
Ramp Breakover Angle SAE A147 deg 22.8
Frontal Area m2 3.15
Drag coefficient Cd 0.40
Vehicle Weights / Towing Weight   from kg 2508
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) kg 2950
Technically permissible maximum mass on each axle kg 1450   (front) 1650 (rear)
Technically permissible maximum towable mass kg 3500
Technically permissible maximum mass of the combination (GTW) kg 6450
Maximum mass of unbraked trailer kg 750
Class and type of coupling device fitted or to   be fitted type A50-X,   detachable ball
Maximum roof load (roof rack cross bars (3.2kg) form part of load) kg 75
Interior Dimensions Loadspace volume -   Maximum behind row 2 - 5 seat SAE V7 litres 1260
Loadspace volume - Maximum behind row 1 - 5 seat   SAE V6 litres 2476
Loadspace length - behind row 2 - 5 seat SAE L202-2 mm 1108
Loadspace length - behind row 1 - 5 seat SAE L202-1 mm 1831
Loadspace width between arches SAE W201 mm 1146
Loadspace width - Maximum SAE W500 mm 1235
Loadspace height - Maximum SAE H505 mm Fixed   roof 1027
Liftover height to kerb ground (access height - 4CAS) SAE H195 mm 817
Loadspace door aperture - Maximum Width mm 1120
Loadspace door aperture - Maximun Height mm 945
Loadspace door aperture - Maximum Box Size mm 973 x 900
Effective leg room - row 1 SAE L34 mm 992
Maximum leg room - row 1 SAE L33 mm 1078
Effective leg room - row 2 SAE L51-2 mm 955
Effective headroom - row 1 SAE H61-1 mm Fixed roof 1020
Effective head room - row 2 SAE H61-2 mm Fixed roof 1043
Front shoulder room SAE W3-1 mm 1503
Rear shoulder room - row 2 SAE W3-2 mm 1499
Engine Layout / No. of   cylinders / valves Longitudinal / V6 /   24
Engine management / fuel injection system type Bosch Gen 3
Effective displacement ccs 2993
Firing order 1, 4, 2, 5, 3, 6
Idle speed (Base) rpm 710
Bore / stroke mm 84/90
Compression ratio :1 16:1
Max. power output (EEC) kW 155
Engine speed at max power rpm 4000
Max. torque (EEC) Nm 520
Max. torque (SAE) lbft 383.6
Engine speed at max torque rpm 1500 - 2500
Pass by Noise (EC Type approval) dB(A) 73   (non DPF)
Fluid Capacities Fuel tank capacity   (usable) litres 82.3
Engine Oil Dry Fill including Filter litres 6.8
Engine Oil and filter Change litres 5.9
PAS Fluid litres 1.2 (Fill to mark)
Gearbox n/a OE   filled for life - in service fill to level plug when engine hot (capacity not   specified)
Transfer Case litres 1.5
Front Differential litres 0.61 dry fill, 0.565   wet fill
Rear Differential (Open) litres 1.1
Rear Differential (ETM) litres 1.6
Cooling System Base (dry fill capacity) litres 11.5
Cooling System Base + FBH (dry fill capacity) litres 12.8
Cooling System Base + Rear Heater (dry fill capacity) litres 14
Cooling System Base + FBH + Rear Heater (dry fill capacity) litres 15.3
Cooling System Anti Freeze % 50
Screen Wash Reservior litres 5.6
Fluid Specifications Engine lubricant   specification type 5W/30   - WSS-M2C-934. Castrol SLX Professional C1 5W-30 with ACEA C1
Gearbox lubricant specification type Shell   L12108
Transfer Box lubricant specification type Shell TF0753
Front Differential lubricant specification type Castrol SAF - XO
Rear Differential (open) lubricant specification type Castrol SAF - XO
Rear Differential (ETM) lubricant specification type Castrol SAF - BOT 720
Brake fluid specification type Shell ESL Dot 4
PAS fluid specification type Texaco cold climate   PAS fluid 33270
Coolant specification type Texaco XLC
Chassis Front suspension type Coil   sprung Independent double wishbone
Rear suspension type Coil   sprung Independent double wishbone
Front Suspension travel mm 255   (bump 100 / rebound 155)
Rear Suspension travel mm 275   (bump 125 / rebound 150)
Total Articulation mm 450
Wheel alignment - Front Total Toe minutes +10' +/-12' (Toe in)
Wheel alignment - Rear Total Toe minutes +14' +/-8' (Toe in)
Front Brakes type Ventilated disc
Front Brakes Diameter mm / inch 317 / 12.480
Rear Brakes type Ventilated disc
Rear Brakes Diameter mm / inch 325 / 12.795
Park Brake (DIH) type Duo Servo
Park Brake Diameter mm 210 / 8.268
Tyres Type 255/60R18   112V
Wheels Type Alloy   8.0J x 18
Tyre pressures - up to 4 people (non NAS) bar 2.3   Front
2.5 Rear
Tyre pressures - up to GVW (non NAS) bar 2.5   Front
2.9 Rear
Road wheel nut torque Nm 140
Driving stability systems type EBD,   ABS, TCS, ESP, EBA, HDC+, EBP, HDC, RSC, TSA
Steering type type Rack & pinion,   power assisted
Overall steering ratio (on centre / lock) deg/deg 19.43 / 14.90   (handwheel to roadwheel)
Rack ratio (rack bar displacement per revolution of pinion) mm/rev 45 on centre,   52.6@lock
Max gradient - ascent / descent (at maximum engine oil level) deg 35   / 35 (continuous usage)
45 / 40 ('drive through')
Max gradient - side slope traverse (at nominal   engine oil level) - Not for inclusion in Handbook deg 35 (continuous usage)
HDC speed range kph Low   Range 3 - 20kph
High range 6-30kph
Electrical Battery type H8
Rating amp/hr 90
Voltage (nominal) v 12
Polarity pos / neg Negative (-) earth
Transmission Four wheel drive   system type Full   time 4 wheel drive with std locking centre differential.
Transmission ZF 8HP70 (8 speed   auto)
Transmission ratios
     1st (High / Low) :1 4.714 / 13.812
     2nd (High / Low) :1 3.143 / 9.209
     3rd (High / Low) :1 2.106 / 6.171
     4th (High / Low) :1 1.667 / 4.884
     5th (High / Low) :1 1.285 / 3.765
     6th (High / Low) :1 1 / 2.930
     7th (High / Low) :1 0.839 / 2.458
     8th (High / Low) :1 0.667 / 1.954
     Reverse (High / Low) :1 (minus) 3.317 /   (minus) 9.719
Final drive ratio :1 3.21
Transfer box ratio :1 High   Range 1:1
Low Range 2.93:1
Overall Gearing
     1st (High / Low) :1 15.132 / 44.337
     2nd (High / Low) :1 10.089 / 29.561
     3rd (High / Low) :1 6.760 / 19.808
     4th (High / Low) :1 5.351 / 15.679
     5th (High / Low) :1 4.125 / 12.086
     6th (High / Low) :1 3.210 / 9.405
     7th (High / Low) :1 2.693 / 7.891
     8th (High / Low) :1 2.141 / 6.273
     Reverse (High / Low) :1 (minus) 10.648 /   (minus) 31.197
Acceleration :- 0-100 kph sec 10.7
Top speed kph 180
Max speed in gears (High Range) - Autos in 'D',   not tip or sport
     1st kph 38
     2nd kph 58
     3rd kph 88
     4th kph 111
     5th kph 144
     6th kph 180
     7th kph 180
     8th kph 180
Max speed in gears (Low Range) - Autos in 'D', not tip or sport
     1st kph 12
     2nd kph 19
     3rd kph 30
     4th kph 37
     5th kph 49
     6th kph 63
     7th kph 75
     8th kph 100
Fuel Consumption / Emissions EU - Urban ltr/100 km 9.8
EU - Extra-Urban ltr/100 km 8.1
EU - Combined ltr/100 km 8.8
CO2 - Urban g/km 260
CO2 - Extra-Urban g/km 213
CO2 -   Combined g/km 230