Published by Gerald Ferreira Date: August 20, 2012
Categories: General News

Remember when petrol cost 38.4p a litre? Recall the year Ford unveiled the Fiesta hatchback and Austin Rover became the Rover Group with its new 200. A brand new compilation of columns, features and road tests by award-winning motoring writer Eric Dymock has just been published.

For the first time Eric’s extensive archives from 1989 are available to download as an e-book, titled ‘Eric Dymock on Cars 1989’. The e-book highlights his choice of the 100 Best Cars, motoring columns, features on automotive developments, road tests and topical reports from the final year of the 1980s.

This new e-book provides a unique insight into motoring history as Eric has provided modern comments on his reflections from 1989. Highlights of ‘Eric Dymock on Cars 1989’ include:

  • Accounts from motor shows across the globe in 1989, including Geneva, Tokyo, London and Frankfurt.
  • Golden Boy of the track whose legend lives on; the 30th anniversary of the accident that claimed the life of 1959 World Champion Mike Hawthorn.
  • Safety campaigners and environmentalists tried to prohibit sales of fast cars. France and California debated laws suggesting cars should be designed with speed restrictors.
  • An automatic pilot for cars is practical. “Driving along motorways without electronic controls will be seen in years to come as savage and dangerous,” said Sir Clive Sinclair.
  • Eric Dymock on Cars, a full-length illustrated anthology, is available to download to Kindles from Amazon for an introductory £1.31. It can be viewed on a pc, Mac, ipad or android by downloading the free Kindle app from Amazon.