Emergency services arebeing encouraged to help raise awareness about the life-saving importance of slowing down by running 2young2die workshops and other activities during Road Safety Week (19-25 November), the UK’s flagship road safety event coordinated by the charity Brake. It’s a chance for emergency service workers to share their first-hand experiences of the consequences of dangerous driving, and make use of free resources from Brake as part of a UK-wide initiative.

Each year thousands of communities, schools and organisations get involved in Road Safety Week by taking action on road safety and running local educational and awareness activities – and emergency services are often at the heart of this. Register now to get a free e-action pack with resources, guidance and ideas at roadsafetyweek.org.uk.

Brake’s theme for Road Safety Week 2012 is ‘Slower speeds = happy people’. Brake will be promoting the importance of making it safer for everyone to walk and cycle, without fear from fast traffic, for health and enjoyment. Brake will be appealing to drivers to slow down to 20mph in communities to protect people on foot and bike.Emergency services can tie their activities to this theme, or focus on other road safety issues.

Brake is particularly calling on emergency services to coordinate 2young2die workshops for young people, highlighting the dangers of speeding and other deadly behaviour like drink and drug driving. Brake runs low-cost courses and provides resource packs to facilitate delivery of these workshops.

Emergency services can also support young people to develop their own slow down campaigns, which can be entered into Brake’s national 2young2die awards, sponsored by ikube ®.

Brake is also encouraging police forces to run enforcement and awareness activities, including community speed watches, to help get the slow down message out during the Week.

Brake deputy chief executive Julie Townsend says: “Road Safety Week is a great opportunity to work together to make our streets and communities safer, more pleasant places. In previous years emergency services have played a critical role, coordinating high impact activities to promote vital messages, and using your experience dealing with the aftermath of crashes to get the message across powerfully.

“This year Brake is focusing on the importance of making roads safer for people to walk and cycle – and the difference drivers can make by slowing down. We’re encouraging emergency services to help get this message across, through local community engagement, enforcement and publicity activities, and through working with young people as part of our 2young2die programme. Register now on the Road Safety Week website for free resources and ideas.”

Go to roadsafetyweek.org.uk then road safety professionals then emergency services for more ideas and to register for a free email action pack.