Eley Transport South East targets fuel savings with ECOSTRALIS(Watford, 9 February 2012): Folkestone-based Eley Transport South East is targeting lower fuel consumption after taking delivery of a pair of ultra-efficient Iveco ECOSTRALIS 6×2 mid-lift tractor units.

Supplied by Haynes Trucks in Maidstone, the ECOSTRALIS Active Space Super3 tractors (AS440S46TX/P) will operate primarily between the South East of England and Northern France, bringing bottled water across the Channel and delivering it to regional distribution centres.

Paul Eley, Managing Director, says: “Our biggest concern right now is the cost of fuel. We were in the market for two new trucks and we wanted to select the most fuel-efficient 44 tonners on the market.

“Iveco has clearly tried something new with ECOSTRALIS and we liked what we saw. They seem to fit the bill perfectly and have been well received by our drivers.”

Both ECOSTRALIS tractors stand out from regular Stralis models thanks to an EEV-rated Cursor 10 engine featuring revised engine mapping which reduces fuel consumption whilst maintaining performance. They are capable of producing up to 460 hp and a maximum torque of 2,100 Nm between 1,050 and 1,550 rev/min.

ECOSTRALIS models also feature a standard specification which includes a Blue&Me Fleet telematics system and an ECOSWITCH that uses the vehicle weight information from the ECAS / EBS systems to limit engine torque according to the gross vehicle weight – ensuring overall performance in line with that of a fully laden vehicle. This allows fuel consumption to be minimised during acceleration without affecting overall speed capability. They also incorporate a EuroTronic transmission with a new ECOfleet mode which automatically adjusts to the loading of the unit to fine-tune fuel economy. Michelin X Energy SaverGreen low rolling resistance tyres, a higher gearing and an 85 km/h speed limiter contribute to the optimised fuel performance.

Eley Transport South East targets fuel savings with ECOSTRALIS

Commenting on the Blue&Me Fleet system, Eley adds: “This is a superb bit of kit as it allows us to monitor vehicle movements and individual truck performance. It also integrates the Iveco Assistance Non Stop service, meaning our drivers can contact Iveco for roadside assistance across Europe at the touch of a button. Plus it allows them to use their company mobile phones in hands-free mode.”

Eley Transport South East is running its own in-house comparisons between the two ECOSTRALIS tractors, by increasing the speed limiter in one vehicle from 85km/h to 90km/h. The company hopes to measure precisely what impact the 5km/h reduction has on fuel consumption. The result may impact future fleet policy on vehicle speeds.

Both ECOSTRALIS’ have been supplied on a three year lease backed by a comprehensive repair and maintenance agreement with Iveco Capital. They also benefit from a comprehensive three year / 420,000 km* vehicle warranty.