Eleven year old racing driver gets Falken support and scores her first victory


Falken supplies tyres to Catherine Harris for her National Ministox Campaign, raising awareness to the youth market about the importance of selecting the right tyres.

Falken Tyres Racing

Offenbach, June 13 2013. An eleven year girl is the latest youngster to gain tyre support from Falken as the Japanese manufacturer expands its presence in UK grass roots motorsport. Complementing its recent announcement to back the ANWCC Under 17s AutoSOLO and the K11 Micra Rally series, the Japanese tyre manufacturer is raising the awareness of the importance of tyres to the next generation of car drivers.

Catherine Harris has just scored her first heat and final victories in the National Ministox, where children ages 10 to 15 compete in armoured Minis on tarmac and shale tracks.

Falken supplied Harris with the both ZIEX ZE912 and Sincera tyres, with the car running a mix of 10’’ and 12’’ wheels. By offering a blend of affordability and performance on tarmac and shale surfaces, ZE912 is an increasing popular choice for competitors.

Catherine’s older brother Tom, himself a multiple stock car champion, helps maintain his sister’s Ministox and decided to equip her Mini with Falken tyres, citing the key reasons for selecting the brand’s tyres for the often tricky and challenging driving conditions.

Falken Tyres

“For kids, first and foremost we want a safe tyre from a known brand we trust,” says Tom Harris, “Falken not only delivers that but also offers good grip and provides the kids with excellent feedback as they learn to control the car.”

“Falken’s ZE912 also offers excellent durability, making them long lasting, cost-effective tyres – ideal for kids to use while honing their racing skills.”

For Falken’s UK and Ireland director, Matt Smith, getting involved in a growing multitude of motorsports targeting the youth market is exactly what tyre makers such as Falken should be doing. “It’s imperative that younger people start learning about the importance of tyres,” says Smith. “These initiatives get the younger audience thinking about the role of tyres in the safety and performance of the car.”

The support from Falken has already got Catherine Harris thinking about tyres: “Before, I never really thought about them but now I have learnt they make a big difference to how the car goes and stops.”

About FALKEN Tyres Europe:

The technology and development of Falken High Performance Tyres and their driving characteristics have for many years been derived from motorsport, most recently its participation in the American Le Mans Series and Nürburgring 24 Hours. Tyre technologies developed on track are often transferred to the road, offering improvements in wet and dry grip, efficiency, feeling and control.

Falken is a brand of Sumitomo Rubber Industries Japan, with European headquarters in Frankfurt. In Europe, Falken has aggressively expanded its product range, launching new products in new sectors and niches across Europe. Falken’s current products range from the track-inspired Azenis series including the latest FK453 flagship through to the efficient and innovative ZE914 and the rugged all-terrain WildPeak A/T and cold weather HS439.