Elegant and Assertive Design


The new Volvo S80 now has a lower and wider stance which greatly increases the vehicle’s road presence. The grille’s larger iron mark and the new brightwork (on the air intakes, lower sections of the doors and below the taillights) enhance the car’s distinctive impression and tougher appearance.

The Volvo S80 has the same overall length as its predecessor (4850 mm), but is 27 mm broader and 34 mm taller. The wheelbase is longer and the track is wider. All this creates entirely different proportions, with added stance and dynamism in the car’s visual expression. In order to give the car a solid and compact image, the contours have been rounded and the bonnet has a raised profile. The headlamps, which are positioned lower down than in the previous S80 model, follow the curvature of the front and have been extended along the side and up towards the bonnet.

The doors are more convex and pronounced in shape. The shoulder line is both higher and broader than before, and the sills have a more pronounced profile, creating a visually lower centre of gravity and imparting a steadier, more stable appearance.

In order to give the Volvo S80 the right aura of elegance and create an image of being in constant motion, the car has more pronounced sweeping lines than before. The S80’s dynamic, comet-shaped profile flows into an almost imperceptible transition between the rear window and the boot and an abruptly cut-off tail section.

A somewhat larger, vertical grille marks the car’s Volvo heritage. The bonnet’s characteristic V-shaped lines are extended all the way down into the spoiler and those typical Volvo taillights now have a slimmer profile that blends in smoothly with the broad shoulders. LED lights at the top announce the S80’s Volvo heritage, even in the dark.

The rear spoiler, made of lightweight plastic, is a discreet colour-coordinated accessory. It enhances the car’s sporty appearance and helps improve the car’s handling characteristics – especially at high speeds.

Exclusive Interior Design
The new Volvo S80’s interior design is characterised by clean surfaces, harmonious lines, and exciting contrasts – expressions of Scandinavian design tradition that help forge the perfect interior atmosphere.

The Volvo S80 has a super-slim centre console – by now a Volvo signature. In the S80, the centre console is modified to blend in seamlessly with the car’s more classic and exclusive design, and it extends all the way to the rear seat. The new S80’s tunnel console has a soft leather cover with a sliding aluminium panel.

If the car is equipped with power front seats, they can be optionally specified with upholstery in perforated and ventilated leather. Fans in the seat cushion quickly reduce cushion temperature to a pleasant level, increasing the overall comfort. The split rear seat can be folded forward and the front passenger seat backrest can also be folded forward to create more room if necessary.

Fully integrated sun curtains for the rear doors are available as an option. The sun curtains are hung on a hook in the upper edge of the door, which means the windows can be opened without lowering the sun curtain as it is not held up by the window.

The exclusive and comfortable interior lighting creates a harmonious atmosphere inside the car. The lighting function features two light sources in each front door. The “figure-8” ring, surrounding the front cup holders, is another detail that contributes to the characteristic interior profile. The front passenger seat can be adjusted from the driver’s seat and from the rear seat as well.

Audio and information
Volvo S80 with the High Performance or Premium Sound systems is equipped with an USB port, making it easy to attach an iPod®, other MP3 players or even a digital camera to the audio system. High Performance and Premium Sound levels have an HD (digital) radio function as standard. With the HD radio function, the driver and passengers can listen to analogue FM radio channels, although with digital quality

The environment and air quality
The Volvo S80 is built and equipped to impact as little as possible on the global environment, and to provide a clean and healthy in-car environment.

Volvo IAQS (Interior Air Quality System) effectively reduces the amount of particles, pollen, gases and certain unpleasant odours in the air that enters the passenger compartment. In addition, all textiles and leather are certified under ÖKO-TEX 100. This is an international standard, which ensures that fabrics and hides have been thoroughly tested to check for certain allergy-inducing substances and emissions.

The climate unit can also be supplemented with the Clean Zone Interior Package, an advanced system that provides healthier air quality inside the passenger compartment (approved by the Swedish Association against Asthma and Allergy). When the car is unlocked using the remote control, the passenger compartment is automatically ventilated for about a minute if the outdoor temperature exceeds 10 degrees Celsius.