Electric City powered by Enel returns to the 2011 Motor Show


    Electric City powered by Enel returns to the 2011 Motor Show. Among the exhibitors, the Ministry for the Environment and the Hera Group.

    The 36th Bologna Motor Show renews its commitment to presenting the hottest topics in the car world and reproposes Electric City powered by ENEL, the focus dedicated to the world of electric mobility, now in its second edition.

    Electric City powered by ENEL will be an opportunity to examine and allow visitors to learn about the different market proposals, as well as the powering options currently available, fuelling methods, maintenance and insurance costs through some dedicated conferences and workshops.

    In an even more spectacular setting, the real added value of the initiative will come from the specially built and renewed indoor track, where the public of the Motor Show will have the opportunity to test drive the latest models available on the market. In 2010, around 6,000 test drives were performed in the 11 days of the show for electric vehicles alone.

    The show, which was inaugurated last year by the Minister Stefania Prestigiacomo, attracted great interest in Electric City powered by ENEL from institutions, and the Ministry for the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea has confirmed its participation in the 2011 event with its own exhibiting space.

    In this context, Electric City powered by ENEL now has a new and important partner in the Hera Group, the multi-utility leader in energy, water and environmental services operating in six provinces of Emilia-Romagna where it has over 3 million users.

    By participating in the 2011 Motor Show, as part of Electric City powered by ENEL, Hera will continue to promote the commitment to electric mobility through the experiment that led the Group, last September, to install the first charging stations for electric cars in the municipalities of Modena and Imola, where Hera is manager of distribution networks.

    “The Era of Electric Mobility” project created by the Group is part of the Emilia-Romagna’s region “Mi Muovo elettrico” (I Travel Electric) programme, involving the installation of around 100 charging points along Via Emilia, between Reggio Emilia and Rimini.

    The aim of the project – among those chosen by the Electricity and Gas Authority to test possible national standards – is to experiment with public and private charging systems for electric vehicles. In this sense, Hera will be responsible for installing some 40 electric-vehicle charging stations in the municipalities of Imola and Modena.

    The first stage of the experiment, the pilot project, will mainly target local businesses, and upon purchasing an electric vehicle, Hera will offer an annual electricity supply contract dedicated to mobility at extremely advantageous conditions. In addition, the vehicles involved in the experiment will benefit from free access to the ZTL (limited traffic areas) in the city centre.

    The second phase of the project will involve the installation of additional charging stations that will be positioned based on the gradual spread of the electric vehicles. The positioning of the public charging stations has been studied in order to maximise the benefits for companies, workers and the circulation of goods.