Electra Mining Expo at NASREC Johannesburg South Africa


One of the most anticipated Mining Expo’s have kicked off in Johannesburg South Africa yesterday at the NASREC Expo Center in Johannesburg South Africa. The Electra Mining expo takes place from the 15th of September 2014 to the 19th of September 2014.


The Electra Mining expo allows the mining industry the platform to see the latest available technologies for mining in South Africa. The Electra Mining Expo is also popular with international visitors and mining companies wanting to see what is happening in Mining in South Africa and around the world. Traditionally South Africa is one of the premiere Mining Industries in the world.

Electra Mining Expo Website Down

The Electra Mining Expo website have crashed on the 16th of September 2014 due to unexpected traffic to the website, showing just how popular the Electra Mining Expo is in South Africa, and the importance of the Mining industry in South Africa.

Visitors to the Electra Mining expo can see the latest technologies in the mining industry, and services and vehicles ranging from light commercial vehicles to heavy commercial vehicles. It is also expected that there will be several Automation solutions at this year’s Electra Mining Expo due to the mining sector in South Africa being affected by strikes and labor unrest.

We at 3D Car Shows will be attending the Electra Mining Expo at the NASREC Expo Center in Johannesburg and will be bringing you updates from the expo and some images of the latest technologies at the show!