Earth Day 2013 – Google Doodle


Earth Day 2013

Earth Day 2013

Tomorrow the world will celebrate Earth Day 2013, and Google is announcing the day with an International Google Doodle celebrating Earth Day 2013, and helping to make millions of people around the world aware of Earth Day 2013.

Earth Day is a special day celebrated by humanity across the world. We all face a common enemy called “Climate Change” according to scientists the human race are responsible for Climate Change and our hunger for luxury living and earth resources. In the end the human race can possibly cause the distraction of earth if we do not tone it down and start caring for our mother planet.

Earth Day 2013 aims to raise people’s awareness of global warming, and offers solutions to people to help fight against Climate Change. If every human being can make small changes to their everyday living, those small changes adds up and could save the planet.

Official Earth Day 2013 website

For more on Earth Day 2013 and information about Earth Day 2013 and how climate change could make the human race extinct we encourage you to visit the official Earth Day 2013 website at

  where you can learn about the problems humans face with climate change and global warming.

Earth Day 2013 Google Doodle

We here at 3D Car Shows must commemorate Google for making millions of people aware of the Earth Day 2013 project.

Earth Day 2013 Google Doodle

The Google Doodle have also been cleverly designed into an animation showing the effects of Global Warming on the Earth. If you clicked on the Google Doodle without seeing the animation, you can go back to Google and click on the Earth Day 2013 play button, which will then animate the Google doodle showing the long term effect of global warming and climate change.

earth day 2013 Doodle