E85 HUMMER H2 available from October this year


The HUMMER H2 will become the first HUMMER to adopt FlexPower technology when the 2009 model becomes available in showrooms this October. Featuring FlexPower technology, the H2 will now have the ability to run on E85 ethanol, ordinary petrol or a combination of the two, undoubtedly adding another dimension to the iconic vehicle.

Retaining its legendary off road capability, the H2 will benefit from E85 which consists of 85 percent ethanol mixed with petrol to produce a cleaner burning, higher-octane fuel. Better fuel economy and improved on-road driveability are just some of the advantages that the FlexPower will introduce to the HUMMER H2.

FlexPower will also be featured on the rest of the HUMMER model line up within a year of the launch of the 2009 HUMMER H2. General Motors plans to have half of its vehicles equipped with FlexPower technology by 2012. “Using biofuels, specifically E85, is the most significant thing we can do in the near-term to offset rising future energy demands,” says Elizabeth Lowry, Vice President for Environment, Energy and Safety Policy at GM.