With the current cold spell set to continue, most of us are concerned about keeping our feet wrapped up and warm, but wearing the right footwear when driving should be just as important, warns GEM Motoring Assist.

Road safety organisation and breakdown cover company, GEM,is urging drivers to forget fashion and keep a suitable pair of shoes for driving in the car. It may not be appealing to take off those sheepskin or fur-lined boots, which are extremely popular throughout winter, but swapping them for more appropriate shoes while driving could make a real difference when it comes to road safety.

David Williams MBE, CEO of GEM Motoring Assist, comments: “We know that fashion dictates which winter boots are popular this season, however, many of them don’t offer enough grip and could cause your foot to slip off or in between the peddles when driving. This could cause a minor, or more serious, accident if control of your car is lost.

“Always keep a sturdy pair of shoes in your vehicle for driving, ideally ones that can be fastened securely or laced up, and with a good grip on the sole. Correct footwear makes the driving task in hand a lot less hazardous.”

Wellington boots can also make it more difficult to control your feet and movement on the pedals, says GEM. The heavy duty rubber and thick shape of wellingtons allow less room for manoeuvre, making them one of the least practical options for driving this winter.

David continues: “Not only must you be comfortable while driving; you must also make sure your movement is never restricted or impaired. If your boots or shoes don’t let you move freely, switch to a pair that allows you complete control over your driving, and your vehicle, at all times.”