From Love Lane to Darling Avenue, Kent is streets ahead when it comes to romantic roads.

New research has found that the South-East county has more romantically named roads than anywhere in Britain.

Sat nav firm TomTom used its map database to search for the most romantic roads throughout the nation and to find which counties are the most likely to find couples driving down Lover’s Lane on Valentine’s Day.

According to the study, the top ten most romantic counties in the country, ranked by the total number of miles of romantically named roads, include Kent, Essex, Cornwall, Suffolk and Lancashire.

Kent has 15.6 miles of roads with romantic names, while in second place is London with 14 miles of romantically named streets.

In third place is Essex with 8.3 miles of roads with romantic names, followed by Cornwall (8.2 miles), Suffolk (8 miles) and Lancashire (7 miles).

Others in the top ten include Lincolnshire (6.4 miles), Norfolk (5.8 miles), Surrey (5.6 miles) and Hampshire (5.3 miles).

Researchers counted the number of roads throughout the UK containing the words Darling, Rose, Love, Heart, Sweet and Valentine.

Roads totalling more than 20 miles are called Love Lane, making it the most common romantic street name, followed by Rose Lane, Rose Hill and Rose Street.

Others include Lovers Lane and Valentine Road.

A TomTom spokesman said: “Kent is clearly the county to head for if you are a romantically inclined motorist.

“But we would urge lovers not to take their eye off the road ahead.”
Table – most romantic road names in the UK:

  1. Love Lane
  2. Rose Lane
  3. Rose Hill
  4. Rose Street
  5. Rose Avenue
  6. Lovers Lane
  7. Lover’s Lane
  8. Valentine Road
  9. Rose Crescent
  10. Rose Gardens