Drinking and Driving South Africa


We have recently had the opportunity to view the ALCOLOCK™ – an Alcohol Breathalyser device sold and distributed in South Africa by Discover Nine. We must say that we were extremely impressed by the ALCOLOCK™. The main aim of the ALCOLOCK™ is to reduce drinking and driving on our roads. It achieves this by not allowing a vehicle to be started unless the driver takes and passes a breath test – thus reducing road accidents and making our roads safer for all.


ALCOLOCK™ Breathalyser

The ALCOLOCK™ aims to reduce drinking and driving and can be fitted to any type of vehicle that uses an ignition. The idea is to let a driver self-assess his/her capability to drive safely on our roads, making sure he/she has an acceptably low alcohol blood level before, and whilst, driving.

Fleet Managers can install the ALCOLOCK™ into their cars, trucks, busses, etc. Every time before the driver is able to start the vehicle he/she needs to pass the ALCOLOCK™ Breathalyser test before being able to drive. This system aims to make our Transportation system safer and aims to reduce the drinking and driving carnage on our roads.

Drinking and Driving in South Africa.

The legal blood alcohol limit in South Africa is less than 0.05g per 100 ml and if you are doing a Breathalyzer test it is less than 0.24mg in 1000ml breath. In simple terms it is easy to break the Alcohol Drinking and Driving limits in South Africa. To get an approximate indication of how much a driver can drink before being over the limit we compared it to some very common alcohol drinks.

  • 1      x cocktail = Between 2 and 4 units
  • 1      x 25 ml tot of spirits = 1 unit
  • 1      x 250 ml glass of wine = 3.3 units
  • 1      x 75 ml glass of wine = 1 unit
  • 1      x beer = 1.5 units or possibly more
  • 1      x shot/shooter = ½ unit in most instances
  • 1      x spirit cooler = about 1.25 units
  • 1      x cider = 2 units

One unit of Alcohol is approximately 0.02g of alcohol in the blood and by only drinking one cocktail you can find yourself easily in breach of South African Drinking and Driving laws. The ALCOLOCK™ system will not let you start your vehicle if you are over the legal limit.

For more information on the ALCOLOCK™ Breathalyser systems available in South Africa you can go to the